The Results Are In

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Written by Scott Gilbert

Election results snapshot:

Liberal Frank Valeriote wins in Guelph by a narrow margin over Kovach.

The Conservative on a national scale did not win a majority, but did gain almost 20 seats giving them a total of 143 - just shy of the 155 mark needed for a majority.

Most of those additional seats were taken from the Liberal Party, which has strengthened calls for Dion for step down as leader.

The Greens did make marginal increases across the country but not to the extent the party had hoped for. In Guelph, the Green's Mike Nagy did beat out the NDP candidate for 3rd place.

The NDP didn't move much on a national level.

How will these results impact on students, the country and the future? You tell us by using our comments forum below. Make sure to use your @uoguelph.ca email address when posting.

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