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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

  • The Sculpture

    The Sculpture

Written by Jennifer Lyon

A nature-operated outdoor sculpture, U of G’s latest outdoor installation ‘Weather Station’ was unveiled at 4 p.m. January 15 at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre at U of G. The sculpture, a permanent fixture on the centre’s north wall, was created by Scottish sculptor and environment artist Diane Maclean.

Maclean’s innovative sculpture is an integral part of ‘Lovely Weather’, the centre’s current exhibition – her first in Canada. More than 11 feet in height, the oval-shaped sculpture is made up of over 1600 light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which continually change intensity based upon the wind’s speed and direction measured by an anemometer mounted on the roof of the building.

“Weather Station” can be seen day or night from Gordon Street, though much more brilliant at night with all of the coloured lights. Judith Nasby, art centre director is thrilled to be displaying Maclean’s work, particularly the sculpture, which fits into the centre’s research-art emphasis.

“It’s the only outdoor sculpture that we know of in Canada that’s operated by nature,” says Nasby. “The sculpture is like a brilliant illuminated jewel that will be visible even during the daytime.”

  • for more pictures of the unveiling, click here.

The unveiling event drew a crowd of over 60 people, including the exhibition’s contributing partners from University of Guelph faculties including Population Medicine, Computing and Information Science and Plant Agriculture. Wine and cheese, and a folk trio music performance created the perfect mood for the opening!

The “Lovely Weather” exhibition runs at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre until April 18, and “Weather Station” will be a fixture in the outdoor sculpture collection surrounding the art centre. When you get the chance, especially if it’s getting dark out, stop by and check out the weather!

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