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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Written by Scott Gilbert

Would you like to work at thecannon.ca? Please see the job posting below.

Position: thecannon.ca Reporter/Photographer

The cannon.ca is a site owned jointly by the CSA and the Guelph Campus Coop to provide students with an online meeting place and community

Terms: November 10– Dec. 12, 2008 & January 5 to April 24, 2009

Total of 21 weeks

Hours: 10 hours per week

Positions: 1

Salary: $2360 ($11.24/hr)

Supervisor: the cannon.ca Editor (Primary), F & HR Commissioner (CSA) & Manager of Housing &

Member Relations (GCC)


* Required to receive 5 hours of training prior to November 10, 2008
* Receive an honourarium of $50 for training

Job Description:

* To write and/or collect student relevant content under the direction of thecannon.ca Editor
* To recruit volunteers who will submit student relevant content for thecannon.ca
* To work with thecannon.ca Editor to maintain the site throughout the year
* To hold regular office hours as agreed upon by the Operating Committee
* To assist thecannon.ca Editor and Operating Committee to ensure promotions of the website
* To ensure all content on the site fits within the mandates of the Central Student Association and the Guelph Campus Co-op
* To regularly report to thecannon.ca Operating Committee
* To contribute original written pieces every week
* To assist with other responsibilities with the site as determined by thecannon.ca Operating Committee
* To maintain regular contact with thecannon.ca Editor via email or phone
* To update thecannon.ca Editor and Operating Committee of completed work and work in progress
* To support other reporters/volunteers and work collaboratively
* Required to assist in a maximum of 5 hours of training to the new incoming thecannon.ca Photography/Reporter in the last couple weeks of the contract end date
* Under the supervision of thecannon.ca Editor, may attend and report on approved events
* To research and create comprehensive event listings
* To contact event planners, artists, speakers, etc. prior to events to provide appropriate material for previews of events.
* To assist thecannon.ca Editor to acquire and/or create images for the front page of the website and maintain aesthetics.


* Excellent writing skills
* Volunteer management and recruitment experience an asset
* Experience working with students and student groups
* Ability to work independently and within deadlines
* Excellent organizational, time-management and creative thinking skills
* Excellent communication skills
* Dedication, commitment, creativity and flexibility
* Familiarity with the University of Guelph campus, on-campus organizations and the Guelph community
* Understanding and analysis of anti-oppression issues and ability to work in a non-oppressive manner

Deadline for applications is November 4, 2008

Resumes accepted at the CSA main office UC 274

Direct email resumes to Joel Harnest CSA Finance and Human Resources Commissioner, .

Email resumes must be submitted in doc., rtf. or pdf formats.

Please submit writing samples with your resume

Preference is given to students.

In order to increase the range and diversity of perspectives, skills and experiences presently existing within the CSA, where applicants are equally qualified, hiring preference shall be given to persons from groups who face systemic barriers to employment, including but not limited to women, people of colour, aboriginal people, queer people, applicants with disabilities and international students. If you wish to be considered an employment equity applicant, please make note of it on your cover letter. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be notified.

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