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Friday, March 26, 2010

  • Listen to episodes of the Press Conference online. (istock photo)

    Listen to episodes of the Press Conference online. (istock photo)

The Press Conference is a weekly current events show coordinated by media outlets at the University of Guelph. The show broadcasts every Friday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on CFRU93.3 FM.

During the show, members of the “Press Core” spend their time interviewing guests, debating the issues and playing a couple of good tunes to round it all out.

Upcoming Show - Friday March 26

Hosted By Greg Beneteau

-Banned! A group of English students tries to draw attention to literary censorship, only to encounter some of their own from Guelph Transit.

-The Central Student Association takes the Canadian Federation of Students to court and wins the right to have a referendum on continued membership. We discuss the implications.

Listen to this week's episode of the Press Conference here. (Starts at 2:00)


Listen to Past Episodes

(mp3, right-click to download)

Friday, March 19- Hunger Awareness Week, 5 Days for the Homeless, International Water Day (starts at ~2:00)

Friday, March 12- International Women's Week, Reefer Madeness, Sikh Temple part 2

Friday, March 5- Poverty report, Skih Temple, Disappearing bees (starts at ~2:00)

Friday, February 26- Living Library, CFS lawsuit, Olympic highlights (starts at ~2:00)

Friday, Febuary 5- Black History Month, Darfur Film Screening, CSA hiring

Friday, January 22 - Special on the Haiti Earthquake

Friday, December 11 - Climate Change Conference, Food banks, Bus Pass

November 27, 2009 - Buy Nothing Day, Canadian Sports and Identity, CFS AGM

November 20, 2009- Copenhagen Climate Conference, Secondary areas of study (starts at ~5:30)

November 13, 2009- Eglantyne Jebb, BioCar Initiative, Holiday Traditions

November 6, 2009- Guelph Festival of Moving Media, Temporary Foreign Workers, poppy politics

October 30, 2009- Trick or Eat, Steven Truscott Justice Studies Initiative, flu vaccination

October 23, 2009- Gulu Walk, Tuition fees, all-boys school (starts at ~4:30)

October 16, 2009- Shyam Selvadurai, cell phone ban, flu vaccination research (starts at 1:30)

October 9, 2009- Art and Darwin, Garden2Table, Obama the Nobel Laureate (starts at 0:10)

October 2, 2009- Women in philosophy conference; CFS petition; knowledge gap in evolution (starts at 3:40)

September 25, 2009- Climate change conference at the United Nations. (starts at 1:30)

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