Three Montana State University students sue professors for libel

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Written by Full AP Story Here

A story from AP says that "Three Montana State University students are suing two professors for libel, alleging that an art professor's painting depicting them as "foolish weasels," was displayed at school prior to a hearing at which the students were exonerated of accusations that they cheated on an architecture assignment given by the artist's wife.
The case stems from MSU architecture professor Joanne Noel's accusations that six of her students cheated on an assignment in late 2004. They were exonerated by the school's conduct board after a 10-hour hearing.
However, before the hearing, a painting by MSU art professor emeritus Francis Noel, titled "Six foolish weasels and two puffed up suits," was displayed in Haynes Hall, which houses the architecture and art programs. The painting included the words "BUSTED" and "ARCHITORTURE."
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