Time to celebrate the coming of winter with Snowblink

Friday, November 25, 2011

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  • Dan Goldman and Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink

    Dan Goldman and Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink

Written by Stephanie Rennie

As the talented duo Snowblink was driving through the overwhelming mountains in Kamloops, British Columbia, I was given the opportunity to chat with them about their new album and upcoming stop in Guelph on December 1st.

Appropriate to the winter storms that they were experiencing as they trekked across the mountains, I asked the significance and origins of the term “snowblink.”  Singer Daniela Gesundheit defined this phrase as “the white glare above a snow field.” This term first appeared as the title of a song and as the duo Dan Goldman and Daniela Gesundheit developed, so did their appreciation for this term. Daniela “appreciates both the image of it and the concept,” stressing the importance of a snowblink as a “reflection.” Such passion for reflection is widely demonstrated in the thought-provoking lyrics found deep with Snowblink’s songs.

Snowblink is comprised of two extraordinarily talented musicians, Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman. The duo has evolved in sound and diminished in size as it started out as a full band. Daniela expressed that Snowblink is a duo at the moment and that the sound is now “a stripped down version [trying] to sound dynamic, alive, and exciting by creating more space so that each part is distinct.”

Despite the duo nature of Snowblink, they incorporate many fellow musicians within their recordings. Daniela explained that “[we] rarely involve people in the project to tell them what to play…[because] I admire musical expression and want musical energy.” These collaborators have contributed greatly by “bringing themselves to the music” and as a result, have shaped the song in unique ways.

Snowblink released their latest album Long Live last February, followed by an extensive European and North American tour. The album was recorded in California, Toronto and Brooklyn, each city holding great significance to the duo. Daniela described the recording studio in San Francisco as “the perfect venue to record live tape.” They also recorded at her grandparent’s cottage, which was significant for Gesundheit as she expressed the importance of “going to a place that I grew up going to.” The next stop for recording was in Toronto, taking place in a small apartment. The duo describes their time in Toronto as a way “to involved Toronto musicians” within their sound. Similarly, the stop in Brooklyn allowed the duo and friends to record at a producer’s apartment. These three distinct stops allowed the duo to “travel to people and places and to bring that into the record.”

But the extensive traveling didn’t stop with recording the new album; in fact it was only the beginning. Snowblink instantly began the Long Live tour following its release, marking Guelph as its final stop of the year in December. When asked what the most memorable concert or venue was during this tour, Daniela responded without hesitation that her favourite was “the album release party in Toronto.” This party was very unique in that it was more than just music. Daniela Gesundheit described that they “made a show with an amateur psychic fair [with people] reading tea leaves and palms in the lobby.” She also explained a rather distinctive lecture given by Owen Pallett on the art of shaving your face. Overall, the Daniela described it as “a really special night” and a “beautiful event.”

The Guelph community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Snowblink as a much needed last hoorah before exams are upon us and our social lives fall into oblivion. Snowblink will be taking over the eBar on Thursday December 1st, conveniently the final day of fall classes. Musician Alex Lukashevsky will be opening for Snowblink. Gesundheit describes Alex as an “insanely wonderful tornado of a song writer [who is] respected and admired in the Toronto community.”

Following the much anticipated opening act, Snowblink will take the stage with the help of a drummer to form a unique trio. Daniela expressed that performing as a trio is quite a different experience. When asked what the Guelph audience can expect from the Snowblink show, Daniela Gesundheit said that since it is “winter, [it is] time to get cozy and warm each other up!” I can think of no better way than beating the pre-winter and pre-exam blues than a night filled with fabulous music and great company.

For more information on Snowblink check out http://snowblink.org/now 

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