Thursday, September 13, 2007


Written by andrea bennett

I hope everyone is settling in well. As someone who's just started her 6th consecutive year of school at Guelph, I thought I might offer some advice about what I've found useful over the course of my studies. Part One will cover food, beverages, and recreational activities, and I'll follow up next week with Part Two: scholastics, campus groups, and the community of Guelph.


First of all, thereís no such thing as a free lunch, as it was probably subsidized by your tuition somehow. That said, frosh week probably taught you your first lesson about food on campus: with a good eye, you might manage to feed yourself for free often enough.

When free is not in the cards, the next step is to find the cheapest food available:

  • muffin and coffee deal: offered at Williamís, you can get a large coffee and muffin for $2.67
  • Bobís Dogs: located just south of the Bullring, Bobís barbeque serves up reasonably priced veggie dogs, hotdogs, and sausages
  • A bowl of soup and a piece of fruit: for concerned with both the health of their bodies as well as the health of their wallets, Centre Six has a soup bar and baskets of fruit... a light lunch for under $4
  • The Bullring and the Grad Lounge: both carry fair trade coffee, and both offer a range of reasonably-priced options. Youíll have to find your own favourites.

Add these things to your gaggle when eating on-campus:
  • coffee mug with a stainless steel insideóyouíll save on your coffee purchases and avoid the evils of Bisphenol A at the same time
  • on a related note, glass water bottles are a really good idea. I use one of those Grolsch bottles with the flip tops (available at the Grad Lounge) but you could also use a glass juice bottle or just wash out your coffee mug
  • fruit card and coffee cardóbuy 10 coffees or pieces of fruit, get one free
  • your own reusable plate/bowlóyouíll save money at Centre Six if you come prepared


Get a little bit of exercise every day! Believe me, this is a good idea. A good exercise routine will lower your stress levels and provide you with a break from studying.

  • Go to the Athletic Centre where you can join an intermural team, take a class (anything from pilates to spinning to karate), go for a swim (recreational swims are Free!), join the gym, or use the sauna.
  • Ride your bike around town. Guelph is hilly and this will keep you in shape. If you donít have a bike, find one at Backpeddling or buy one from a thrift store and visit the CSA Bike Centre to get it ready for the road
  • Go for a walk or a run through the Arboretum Located in the North-East corner of campus, it features trails, trees, and a quiet outdoors place to study while the weatherís still nice

If you have any additional advice, please feel free to comment below! Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!
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  1. Posted by: Maya on Sep 17, 2007 @ 9:46am

    The is generally good advice, but I've rarely found the Bullring to be "reasonably-priced." The portion sizes tend to vary depending on what else you order and which size bowls/plates are clean at a given moment. I've often been disappointed with the meagre amounts of veggies in the sandwiches I've bought there. I've also received mac'n'cheese in a small soup bowl on several occasions, and I paid $4.95 for that ... which is weird, since on other occasions I've received a plateful for the same price.

  2. Posted by: andrea on Sep 19, 2007 @ 11:46am

    "There's no such thing as a free lunch" - bonus points for the person who can guess the author of that quotation...

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