Monday, August 8, 2005


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Tuition Deposit:

On Monday August 8th all registered students at the University of Guelph will required to pay at least $200.00 of their total tuition balance in order to stay registered in their classes. Students who are in remote areas for summer jobs or are unable to access internet during the summer months may encounter problems. If you have been through any extenuating circumstances through the summer and are unable to pay on August 8th, please contact:

Larry Neely
Student Financial Services

519-824-4120 x52876

Student’s who are enrolled in full-time courses through the summer months and who receive financial aid (ie. OSAP or scholarships) and are unable to pay may also be approved to have the deposit waived until the full tuition payment is due on September 23rd. If you are worried about any of your finical requirements for the fall payments please contact the registrar’s office as soon as possible; it is much easier to get things postponed than to fix them after the fact.

If you do not make arrangements with the registrar’s office before August 8th and you do not pay; you will be deregistered from you courses. As a result; all students who are late are charged a $60.00 late fee; to re-register part-time students will pay $100.00 and full-time students will be required to pay a $200.00 re-registration fee.

You can pay through internet banking; the instructions can be found on Web Advisor. You can also pay on the third floor of the UC at the registrar’s office with Cash, Debit or certified check. If you do in fact pay by cash; make sure you receive a receipt and keep it on your record because some payments have been lost in the past.

Questions can be directed to the CSA Academic Commissioner, Kim Neale at .

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