U of G Students set record for food donations

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


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GUELPH - University of Guelph students don't just pay lip service to feeding the hungry.

Through the student-run, charitable Meal Exchange program, U of G students raised $21,913 to fight hunger in Guelph and the surrounding area this semester -- the highest amount ever generated in Canada by a student body in one semester.

"Meal Exchange has had a phenomenal year," said Thanu Nadarajah, co-ordinator of the exchange on campus. Nadarajah said students raised more than $70,000 since classes began in September, through its Trick or Eat and Skip a Meal programs.

"I would like to think that this achievement will inspire everyone to look within themselves and make a difference in their own communities," she said.

This weekend student volunteers will deliver 11,000 lbs. of food to 14 social agencies in Guelph and Wellington County, including Onward Willow, Change Now and the Guelph Food Bank, plus food banks in Arthur, Palmerston and Mount Forest.

The program was started by a Wilfrid Laurier University student about five years ago and U of G students have embraced the movement.

It's a fairly simple concept. Students who buy the meal plans offered by the university often don't use all their non-refundable meal tickets.

Through the meal exchange program, those meal credits are converted to cash, which buys food to stock the shelves of food banks.

The U of G's hospitality services department helps by using its bulk-buying power to drive down prices, thus making the money stretch even further.


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