University Ad On Contraception Angers Abortion Critics

Monday, March 14, 2005


Written by AP

MADISON, Wis. -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been publishing newspaper ads encouraging students to have emergency contraception on hand during spring break, prompting criticism from abortion opponents.

The Health Services division at the University of Wisconsin-Madison started running the ad in the university's two student newspapers, The Daily Cardinal and The Badger Herald, about a week ago.

It advises students to get the morning-after pill by calling University Health Services and getting a prescription over the phone, with no appointment necessary.

Peggy Hamill is the state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin. She said the university was "reckless" to promote the contraceptive, which she said could have serious side-effects.

University officials said this isn't the first time the ads discussed emergency contraception.

The ad is paid for by student fees, not tax dollars.


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