Up close and personal with Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother

Thursday, July 21, 2011

  • Mother Mother will hit the main stage of Hillside this Saturday at 8pm

    Mother Mother will hit the main stage of Hillside this Saturday at 8pm

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Last time the spotlight dimmed on them in Guelph, they were surprised and amazed at both the size of their audience and the largeness of the audience’s spirit. There is definitely a mutual feeling between the Guelph community and this band, we love them and they love us.

Mother Mother is a talented, eccentric, and complex group that has evolved over the years to reach successful heights.

The band began as an acoustic trio that has transformed into a rock solid group of five talented and motivated members.

Like all beginning bands, Mother Mother developed their roots through opening for various musicians. Lead Singer, Ryan expresses this stage in their career as being pivotal to their future success. “The opening band is expected to fall flat, so there are no real loses. When you become a headliner, there is an expectation that the band has risen to that platform. All flavours are wonderful and have one reason for being.”

Not only has the nature of performing altered, but the actual music in which each performance is filled with has dramatically evolved for Mother Mother. Ryan comments on the transformation as a transition in which “the albums become denser and more modern.”

Ryan explains the mathematical orientation of their music as they have found “something beautiful about space and we’d like to utilize that more with the next record.” He discusses the process of producing albums and how the third record is “more dimensional as they take the ark of each show to many different places.”

Such refined musicianship has come with a great deal of dedication from each of the five members of Mother Mother. The band recently held a residency at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory which required them to reside for three consecutive weeks in one location to perfect their sound.

Mother Mother has developed inspiration from a variety of new and old musical talents. Ryan expressed much stimulus stemming from their love of “the vocal harmony of CSNY and a lust for that chemistry between mixed voices.” Further inspiration has bloomed from the music of John Lennon, as well as “harmony structures in classical music that is not found in pop music.”

With their upcoming stop in Guelph less than a week away, Mother Mother is enthusiastic about their performance on the main stage of Hillside Festival.

When asked what the Guelph audience can anticipate from the show, Ryan discussed that the last show in Guelph was “much more scaled down” and that now “the sound is bigger with more elements.”

With each performance, the band is continuously “trying to top each last live presentation to be better with each run.” The lead singer of Mother Mother promised a “fresh, superior presentation of the catalogue so far.”

Ryan described Hillside Festival as a major highlight of their touring careers. The band is genuinely expecting the show to be equally fun for them as it is for the audience. With only days remaining until the big show, the entire community of Guelph is eagerly anticipating the weekend full of music and fun.

For more information on Mother Mother, check out their website at http://mothermothersite.com/

Information, tickets and dates for Hillside Festival can be found at http://www.hillsidefestival.ca/#/home/




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