Voting Glitch

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Written by Tommy Lau

Hello to all Undergraduates students,

I am writing to inform you that there have been some technical difficulties with the ballots in the University of Guelph Senate portion of the online election. The CSA Elections have not been affected. Instead of receiving Senate ballots in accordance to their degree program (as required by Senate rules) students received ballots in accordance to the recipients’ college affiliation. On behalf of the CSA, I apologize for the mistake. We will re-issue a revised ballot to all undergraduate students so they may re-cast their votes for the University of Guelph Senate Elections. The results of University of Guelph Senate Election from the previous ballots will be nullified. Students are advised to cast their votes on the existing ballots for the Board of Governor Undergraduate seats, five (5) of the CSA Commissioner positions, the CSAHS At-Large seats, and the OAC At-Large seats.

Once again, the CSA would like to apologize to all undergraduates for this inconvenience. We would still strongly encourage you to vote in our CSA General Election. Your votes matter to us, and they will make a difference.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or visit www.csaonline.ca/elections


Tommy Lau

CSA – Chief Electoral Officer

Central Student Association

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