Want to support the grand opening of a local business and have a chance at winning a year of wings?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

  • Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill opens its doors on Monday August 29th

    Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill opens its doors on Monday August 29th

Written by Stephanie Rennie

On Monday August 29th Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar will open its doors to anxious Guelph residents awaiting the opening of a new restaurant in the area. With only one other location in Canada, this restaurant is a unique treat for the Guelph community.

As an incentive for everyone to check out Guelph’s newest restaurant on its opening day, the first one hundred customers will receive a year of free wings complements of B-Dubs .

The lineup for free wings for a year will begin at 9:30am, followed by ribbon cutting with Company Director Tim Murphy at 9:45am on Monday morning. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is located on 35 Harvard Road in Guelph.

Buffalo Wild Wings is about more than just saucy wings as it hosts an inviting atmosphere for friends to share a night of fun. If you need a place to gather old friends, or even make new ones, this establishment has worked hard at ensuring an accommodating and fun atmosphere for all.

 It is also the perfect place to grab some food and drinks and watch the game any night of the week. In addition, sport packages and UFC events will be offered throughout the year at Buffalo Wild Wings.

As the many extraordinary Gryphon sport teams seek victory in the upcoming seasons, many celebrations will surely take place at Buffalo Wild Wings. For all of the first year students about to embark on their academic careers at the University of Guelph, this location also accepts meal plans.

The opening of Buffalo Wild Wings is beneficial to the Guelph community on levels deeper than offering great wings and beer. This establishment will provide over one hundred jobs for the Guelph area, stimulating the local economy and helping local residents seeking employment.

Be sure to head to this monumental opening for a chance to win a year worth of wings and to support an up and coming business in Guelph.

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