Ward 1 Recount Goes To Court

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

  • Not the judge hearing the case

    Not the judge hearing the case

Written by Scott Gilbert

Both Kathleen Farrelly and Laura Baily have filed an application to have the Ward 1 ballot count contested in a Superior Court. On election night (November 13th, 2006) the results showed that Farrelly had won the Ward 1 councillor seat by one vote over Laura Baily. A manual recount indicated that the two in fact had the exact same number of votes, but now there are four ballots that are being disputed.

Farrelly filed a request to have the four ballots counted, and Baily counter filed requesting that the application be dismissed. Failing that however, she says that she will file a request to have them counted.

On Monday, the case was supposed to be heard in court, but the Judge decided to postpone the hearing after the cases scheduled before this one took longer than expected. Both candidates will now have to wait until January 22nd for the court to hear the case. Both sides are understandably anxious to have the issue resolved.

Until a decision is made in court, Kathleen Farrelly will be acting as councillor.

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