Weekly World News Brief

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Written by May Warren

Bush Defends Increased Iraq Campaign

US President George W Bush used his State of the Union Address, Tuesday, to defend his plan to step up US troops in Iraq. Bush argued that deploying an additional 21 500 troops is necessary to maintain control in the Middle Eastern country, and cautioned about the dangers of pulling out too soon. He delivered the speech in front of a congress controlled by Democrats who responded by arguing for a diplomatic end to the increasingly bloody and expensive conflict.

Snowstorms Ground Flights Across Europe

Heavy snowfall has resulted in hundreds of cancelled flights across Europe and the closure of Prague’s International Airport. Thousands of passengers were stranded overnight in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, due to unprecedented snowfall. This comes on the heels of hurricane force winds and rainstorms that hit the continent last week, causing millions of dollars in damage everywhere from Britain to Poland, and killing several people.

John Kerry Won’t Run Again

Senator John Kerry, who lost to Bush in 2004, says he won’t make another run for the presidency. The longtime Massachusetts politician says he will instead direct his energies towards making another bid for the senate. This leaves Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Kerry’s 2004 running mate John Edwards as the primary frontrunners for the Democratic nomination.

US Launches Another Somali Air Strike

The US has launched another air strike in Somalia, confirm officials. This is the second attack this month against alleged terrorist targets, and it is unconfirmed whether or not the strike was successful in apprehending the suspected terrorists. The US coordinates the attacks from an airbase in Djibouti an African country between Somalia and Ethiopia,

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