Weekly World News Brief

Friday, January 19, 2007

Written by May Warren

Doomsday Clock Inches Closer to Midnight

The Doomsday Clock, operated by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in Chicago, moved two minutes closer to midnight, which symbolizes Armageddon, on Wednesday. The clock, which was started in 1947, had previously been frozen at seven minutes to midnight in 2002 and now sits at five minutes to midnight. The group says the change is in response to growing concerns over climate change and nuclear arms owned by North Korea and the US. The closest the clock has ever been to the end of the world was two minutes to midnight back in 1953, during the Cold War.

NATO Arrests Suspected Taliban leader

NATO officials report that they have arrested a man suspected in leading attacks against Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Although officials won’t identify the man they say they believe he is a regional commander and that they have been watching him for quite some time. He was arrested in the province of Helmand and has been handed over to Afghan authorities

American Rapper Sues Canadian Immigration Over Racial Profiling

A rapper from Detroit is suing Canadian immigration authorities over alleged racial profiling. Jerome Almon, says he has been detained at the Canadian border 117 out of 120 times simply because he is a black rapper from Detroit. Almon, who owns a hip hop record label, says he often travels to Toronto on business and is fed up with being hassled because of his race. He says immigration authorities claim he has a criminal record and insists that although he has been arrested he has never been convicted of a criminal offense.

Woman Dies From Too Much Water

A 28-year-old US woman died, last Friday, after participating in a Sacramento radio station water-drinking contest. “Hold your Wee for Wii” featured a contest whereby participants were urged to drink as much water as possible without going to the bathroom in order to win a Nintendo game. Jennifer Lee Strange died in hospital from what autopsy reports describe as “water intoxication”. The radio station responsible for the contest has reportedly fired 10 people.

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