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Friday, January 5, 2007

This Week In God – Consider yourself warned if you live anywhere in the US. Televangelist Pat Robertson says that God told him that before this year is out, a terrorist attack will kill potentially millions. According to Robertson, God was not forthcoming with specific details, not even the type of attack, although he felt it would be “nuclear-like” in severity. Predictions and grandiose claims are not new to Robertson, who in 1985 claimed that the power of his prayer steered Hurricane Gloria away from Virginia. In 1998, he predicted that Disney World in Orlando would face a series of natural disasters of increasing magnitude, including a meteor strike, for allowing ‘Gay Days’. Just last year, he said that the US West Coast would be hit by a major tsunami before the end of 2006. Time will tell if millions of Americans will die horribly.

DoaP – Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States was laid to rest Wednesday on the grounds of his Presidential library in Grand Rapids, Michigan after six days of ceremonies. A National Day of Mourning was observed across the US on Tuesday, while nearly a thousand dignitaries and political leaders participated in Ford’s funeral observances in Washington D.C. While eulogizing Ford many noted the man’s common touch and recalled him as a healer who led the country through an emotionally turbulent period. Ford was appointed Vice-President under Richard Nixon, following the resignation of Spiro Agnew and ascended to the presidency after Nixon himself resigned in the wake of Watergate.

Wreck O’Potamia – The troubles in Iraq continue even though they don’t have Saddam Hussein to kick around anymore. A video leaked on the Internet showed all the grizzly details of his execution, including how the former dictator was taunted and teased in his last moments by the executers. Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie announced Wednesday that three of the guards present at the execution had been arrested in connection with the video made using a cell phone camera.

Ultimately, Hussein’s execution has seemed to have created more problems than it’s solved as even trial Judge Rizkar Mohammed Amin has questioned the legality of the sentence. He cited the fact that there are still a number of charges outstanding, including various acts of genocide, that Hussein will never be tried on. Certainly the death of Hussein has done nothing to quell the ongoing violence in the troubled country.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is wishing he could cut and run according to an interview he did with a US paper. Maliki made it clear that he would not be seeking a second term and that he would leave office now if he could.

Have Pity On the Workin’ Man - With salary figures from Statistics Canada and Report on Business’ most recent list of the Top 100 CEOs in Canada, independent researcher Hugh Mackenzie noted something unusual. According to Mackenzie, by the time most Canadians rolled into work on Tuesday, the Chief Execs of the nation had made as much money as the average worker would make all year. In 2005, the average CEO made $9 million (Cdn) while the average worker made just over $38,000.

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