Weekly World News Briefs

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Written by May Warren

Blame Laid In Cruise Ship Disaster

The captain and five officers of a Greek cruise ship which struck a reef in the Aegean Sea and sunk last week were charged on Saturday. If convicted the crew members face a maximum prison term of five years. Forty students from Lester B. Pearson Secondary School in Montreal were among the 15,000 passengers evacuated from the sinking ship in what has been called a very chaotic and disorganized manor. A French man and his 16 year old daughter are still unaccounted for.

Mountaineers Bring First Hand Accounts of Climate Change

Ice Climbers who have been trekking around glaciers for years are starting to bring back reports of melting ice and vanishing natural wonders. Aside from atheistic problems the melting of glaciers is a very accurate and disturbing sign of impending climate change. Climbers are hoping their personal stories about glacier loss everywhere form Kenya to Scotland will help make scientists points seem more personal and pressing to people everywhere.

Space Tourist Blasts Away

A Hungarian born American became the fifth civilian in space when the Russian rocket he bought a place on lifted off, Saturday. Charles Simonyi a billionaire software engineer spent six-months training and learning Russian in preparation for the experience. He is a good friend of fellow multi-millionaire Martha Stewart who saw him only days before he lifted off. His space vacation comes with a price tag of 25 million dollars.

Anniversary of Vimy Ridge Marked With Ceremony

Canadian forces and dignitaries including Prime Minister Stephen Harper gathered at a memorial in Vimy, France to mark the 90th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, this week. The battle marked a tuning point in World War I and was considered one of Canada's greatest military victory although they suffered a devastating loss of troops. Vimy Ridge is credited by many historians as one of the events, if not the event, that forged Canada's national identity.

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