Weekly World News Briefs

Friday, March 30, 2007

Written by May Warren

Bush Apologizes For Poor Medical Care

President Bush toured Walter Reid Memorial Health Centre, yesterday, and apologized for its poor conditions. The military hospital was recently exposed by the media for having rodent infestations, moldy walls and other serious problems. Bush blamed the medical center’s shortcomings on bureaucratic and administrative failures and apologized to its patients, who are mainly Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. He also pledged that the hospital’s leaders will be replaced.

Fighting at Pakistani Border Leaves Hundreds Dead

Fifty more people have died as a result of fighting among militants in a northwestern area of Pakistan that straddles the Afghan border. This brings the recent casualty total to more than two hundred people. American officials are worried that the area has become a regrouping area for al-Qaeda.

Canada Signs On To UN Declaration on Person’s with Disabilities

Canada has joined seventy other countries by signing on to the United Nations Convention on Person’s With Disabilities. The declaration was drafted in December and only needed 20 countries to sign on to make it ratified. It is the fastest passed declaration in UN history. Basically it states that person’s with disabilities have the right to enjoy all of the same opportunities as everyone else. It also recognizes the large number of people living in poverty who also must deal with physical disabilities.

French Nun Claims Pope Cured Her of Parkinson’s

Forty-six-year-old Sister Marie-Simon Pierre revealed her identity, Friday in the first new conference since her claim to have been cured of Parkinson’s disease through prayer was announced. The nun, who was diagnosed with the debilitating disease in 2001, says she was miraculously cured of all her symptoms after praying to the late John Paul II. She insists she has not taken any medication since her prayers were answered by the Pontiff, who died in 2005 and also suffered from the disease.

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