Weekly World News Briefs

Friday, March 16, 2007

Written by May Warren

Indians Protest Farmer’s Deaths

Thousands of demonstrators stormed the streets in India yesterday, protesting the deaths of 14 farmers. The farmers clashed with police last week over a controversial plan to take land in the southern Indian province of West Bengal. Schools and businesses were closed as protestors blocked roads and demanded answers.

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Accuses Police of Brutality

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai,54, emerged from hospital yesterday after receiving serious injuries he says are a result of police brutality. After organizing a Prayer meeting to protest the authoritarian rule of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, Tsvangirai says police repeatedly smashed his head against a wall. In spite of his injuries Tsvangirai says he will continue his campaign of civil disobedience against Mugabe, who has ruled the country since 1980.

China Passes Private Property Law

Chinese politicians have passed a law that formally recognizes the right of individuals and corporations to hold private property. Private property rights have been recognized in the country since 2004, but this is the first time in Chinese history that such as law has been passed. Private corporations now account for 60 per cent of all goods and revenue produced in the country.

US troops open fire on Afghan Police

US forces have killed five Afghan police officers after opening fire on them by mistake. The incident occurred on Friday in the Gereshk district which is in the Helmand province of the country. Afghan officials are currently investigating the incident

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