Weekly World News Briefs

Friday, December 8, 2006

Written by Scott Gilbert

IRAN: The US hinted Friday that sanctions against Iran are near in light of the dispute between the two countries over whether or not the Middle Eastern country is developing nuclear weapons. Iran denies any involvement with a weapons program based on nuclear technology, and says it has plans solely for power generation.

US: The bipartisan report by the Iraq Study Group was released Thursday and is being hotly disputed among parties of interest. The study group was co-chaired by former Secretary of State James Baker and former US Representative Lee Hamiliton. Some allege that the report doesn’t take into consideration the political situation in Iraq, and other claim it caters to US interests. The report does however contain strong words about the dire situation in Iraq currently, and suggests constructive involvement with both Iran and Syria to help stabilize the country.

RUSSIA: The Russian police have begun a murder investigation into the death of a former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko. Litvinenko ingested polonium-210, an extremely rare radioactive substance. Since his death several other people who had either met with Litvinenko, or were working at places where he had visited, have also become ill, testing positive for radioactive poisoning. At least seven staff members of the London hotel where Litvinenko visit have tested positive for the substance, although not enough to be considered life threatening.

SPACE: Scientists say they have found evidence of water on Mars. There has for some time been evidence of water vapor, and ice caps, but only recently has there been a suggestion of actual water flows on Mars. The news came after scientists compared two photos taken about five years apart by a space shuttle orbiting the planet. The photos show what appears to be evidence of water that surfaced from underground. Scientists say this could mean evidence of life on the planet, and are eager to get a sample.

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