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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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A bi-election occurs in the Fall if, the previous winter the elected seats for
the CSA Board of Directors are not filled. Each college elects 2 at large seats.
The rest of the CSA Board is made up of appointed seats from the other student
governments on campus, and a number of constituency groups.

At the beginning of this Fall Semester the following seats were vacant due to
both resignations and lack of candidacy in the General Elections last Spring:

1 seat, representing the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences (CPES)
1 seat, representing the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS)
2 seats, representing the College of Biological Sciences (CBS)
2 seats, representing the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
2 seats, representing the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)

Currently, there are a number of candidates running for seats in the following


Only students in CSAHS, CBS or OAC, will be able to vote at one of the polling
stations that will be set up around campus.


Polling stations will be open from 10am – 4pm from Oct 24th – 27th. They will
be located at the following locations:

The UC Courtyard
The MacKinnon Lobby
The McNaughton Lobby
The Library
Creelman Foyer

If you have any questions about CSA Bi-Elections please contact the CSA Chief
Electoral Officer (CEO), Chris Joseph, at or at ext. 54817.


Candidates for the 2 At-Large Seats representing the College of Biological Sciences (CBS)

Kyna Davis
Hey! I'm Kyna Davis and I would be thrilled to represent CBS students on the CSA board. A little history, I'm in my fourth year of a Bio.Sci. degree and have been heavily involved in student leadership on campus since my first year. Currently I am the President of Interhall Council and over the summer I held the IHC seat on the CSA board. I am excited to have the opportunity to use my experience to represent the College of Biological Science and create positive change by articulating the opinions and views of CBS students. I believe the CSA is a vehicle for student voice to be heard and I am confident in
my ability to speak on behalf of CBS. Make sure that you take the time to cast a ballot in the upcoming elections and thanks for your time!

Tom Verley
I'm currently enrolled in the second year of the BScH Bio-Medical Science program. In living at Guelph I've noticed two important things, the first is that the students of this school are lucky to have a Student Union as committed to their welfare as the CSA is and the second is that far too many students are unaware of this. My intention is to bring it to the attention of the CBS students what the CSA means to their undergraduate careers. Be it through the Legal Resource Office, Student Advocacy or the Food Bank students depend on the CSA. My goal is to ensure that the students of this school continue to benefit from the diverse spectrum of opportunities that are provided to them. Not only does the CSA help enrich the quality of non-academic life at Guelph, it looks out for students on matters like the university budget that most students are unaware of. The decisions the CSA makes play an important role in the time students spend at this school and I want to make sure that the students of the
CBS get the most out of this university.

Zenon Shevciw
Re: Purpose for attempting to join CSA Board of Directors as CBS Representative

My interest in the Central Student Association Board of Directors stems from many reasons. My experiences with student involvement throughout the years have given me a perspective on student affairs and have taught me valuable life lessons. I have been enriched by the opportunities afforded me whilst completing my studies and have had the privilege of meeting some amazing individuals. Also, being a member of the College of Biological Sciences has driven me to attempt to represent my fellow science students fairly and equally on this campus.
I have been involved in cultural clubs, worked as an instructor for aviation courses, and have sat on academic associations. I have thus learned some of the essential skills necessary for representing students on this campus, have been taught to accept feedback objectively, and have grown to understand just how much my contribution can potentially enrich student life on campus. Finally, and most importantly, the Central Student Association, as well as my fellow students and my college student council, have worked to make my experience more worthwhile and have aided me in meeting the challenges which I have faced as a student. This is what I now wish to give back to this community, as well as the student body as a whole.

Jonathan Odumeru
Who: Jonathan Odumeru, 3rd Year Molecular Biology and Genetics.
What: I stand for election for a seat on the Board of Directors, College of Biological Science "at large."
Why: (for full platform email: )
I seek to improve the experience of undergraduate students with the following issues in mind: tuition costs, equal access, environmental sustainability, campus commercialization, and human rights. How (I will serve you): I believe that my experiences on campus, in the community and abroad have equipped me for the job. Flexibility best characterizes my approach, as exemplified through the variety of activities I'm involved in. My experiences include mentoring in a
public school, volunteering at the hospital, high jumping for the Track team, developing programs for street kids in the Philippines, varsity Basketball, and working as a research assistant. With these, I believe I've developed strong leadership skills, and a passion for service.
Useless info: My politics veer left, but I love The Apprentice. I've been asked my height upwards of 1,000,000 times, and I realize that I'm so goofy tall, it makes all people who see me immediately want to ask. So I'll take this opportunity to let the whole campus know I'm 6'5 ¾".

Candidates for 1 At-Large seat representing the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS):

Dave Royal
My name is Dave Royal and I'm a second year Commerce student, majoring in Management Economics in Industry and Finance. I was raised in Oakville and lived in Mills Hall last year. In the past I have been a part of the Student Athletic Council of my high-school as well have been involved in the charitable organization CCARE. I would like to represent the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Some of the reasons that I am standing for election are to promote the CSA and the events that they sponsor each year, as a student last year I feel that I was not aware about the events that they held. I would like to facilitate activities for the students of this college, and represent
them as a respectful and active member on the CSA. I feel that I would make a good representative as I am an outgoing and goal driven individual. I am passionate about the causes I believe in as well as my area of study here at Guelph. I would as a member on the CSA do all within my power to work, protect, and further the rights of the students.

Sarah Hamilton
My name is Sarah Hamilton and I am running for the position of CSAHS at large representative on the CSA Board of Directors. I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. I am running for the CSA Board because I am eager to take on a greater role within the University community and I feel that my past involvement in student government at various levels has given me the experience necessary to fulfill the duties required of this position. In my third year I was Social Coordinator for Lennox-Addington Hall Council, and in my fourth year I was Vice
President Activities for the CSAHS Student Alliance. My goal as a member of the CSA Board would be to ensure that the views of students in my college are brought to the table, as well as to encourage student involvement in the many opportunities provided by the CSA and its member clubs. Overall, I have the dedication and experience required for this position, and this is why I feel I would make a good candidate for the CSA Board.

Candidates for 2 At-Large seats representing the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC):

Michael Fife
I have been involved with student government since my first year of high school right through to graduation from Ridgetown College. I attempted, but was unsuccessful, to continue my participation in a bid for the OAC seat in Senate last year, but feel that the successful candidate is doing a very good job representing us. I had the chance to speak with many of my fellow students at the recent OAC leadership conference, where I held the position of co-manager, and realized that my ideals and opinions aligned very closely with that of the majority in attendance. I also feel very strongly that a united student body
has a much stronger presence than a group of individuals. I have sat on various committees and was instrumental in making changes where they were in the interest of the majority of the students who were involved. I am very approachable and make every effort to give everyone that I encounter my full attention. The OAC has a long history of being a strong family here on campus and I feel that I can fill the role of representative to the CSA in expressing our strong voice.

Cameron Vernest
My name is Cameron Vernest and I am currently enrolled in the Agricultural Business – Commerce Program. As one of the elected representatives for the Ontario Agricultural College it would be my primary goal to ensure that the views of the OAC body are heard with the Central Student Association. The CSA's philosophy is based behind the principal that students united have more strength than those divided. Thus, the united students need to ensure that all student views have equal representation and I would love the chance to bring forth the views of the Ontario Agricultural Students.

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