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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Written by Chris Carr

kristian_sizedKristian Adomait


Why should student vote for you in the upcoming CSA elections?

1) I have experience in working well with University administration – Ombudsperson & Residence positions.  The current PPP (Program Prioritization Process) has potential to create conflict between students and the administration. This year as the Ombudsman we implemented the 100 mile restaurant because it worked to meet student desires and didn’t create issues for administration.

2) I understand budgets and realize that the money comes from students.  It should benefit as many students as possible.  I would act as a watchdog over your money by setting up automatic processes for evaluating the dollars spent.

3) I will help implement realistic changes. While I cannot promise to build a new 37floor infrastructure, I can promise to work with administration to understand student space needs and to ensure existing space is being used efficiently and effectively.

What do you see as the biggest areas for improvement?

In many ways the CSA is running well as a business but there are places we can make improvements. As the finance manager, I think we should carefully look at the budget and make sure there are criteria for such things as (cost/student-who-use).  This data is important in planning effective programs because it is easy to think something is a good idea but only a few students really use the program. It is important to realize with scarce resources we can’t do everything but we should do important things. This of course means working with the other elected members of the team to promote student welfare.


charles_scaledCharles Hamilton


Campaign video here.

Where are the jobs? Why isn't there more space? What are these people doing with my money?

These are questions I've continuously heard over the past five years. 

We deserve greater outreach & promotion for student jobs, a long term commitment & solution to student space and adequate financial training to CSA clubs & increased transparency with the CSA's budget. I promise to bring this to you. 

I have been involved with the CSA in many capacities, advocating student space and a bottle water free campus. I've worked closely with the current HR&O Commissioner and I am very aware of the major tasks that will face this portfolio in the new academic year. 

As the current CSA Clubs Coordinator, VP-Finance for the CBSSC, involvement with Residence Life Staff, Interhall Council, Hospitality Services & the Central Student Association, I believe I am well qualified for the job and ready to work from day one. 

To find more about my campaign visit fb.com/csacharles and check GryphMail this Wednesday to Friday and fill out your ballot. 

My name is Charles Hamilton, vote for me for Human Resources & Operations Commissioner. 


dominca_scaledDomenica Mcpherson


Campaign video here.

I believe in a strong student union advocating for your rights and interests. The CSA should act as your resource uniting student voices and efforts to create positive change. Being in this position this year has awarded me with the experience and skill set necessary to take this position to a new level.

I have been a strong voice for greater tap water access and for the student demand to end the sale of bottled water on campus. I’ve heard from students that food issues - waste, dietary needs, affordability, etc. – is something that you care about! I am committed to facilitating a task force on campus food issues to address your concerns.

With Ontario having the highest tuition fees in the country, it’s important to me to continue the fight against increases. This requires strong lobbying efforts to the university and governments to see post-secondary education on their priority lists with multiple ways for you to be involved!
This year, I have learned about how other student unions make their campuses a safer space. Next year, I plan to be proactive in building a culture on campus that prevents discrimination and violence by working with you to take action for a safer campus!

I’m approachable and dedicated to open communication and collaboration. Re-elect Dominica as your External Affairs Commissioner!


pictureChris Archibald


Campaign video here.

My name is Chris Archibald and I want to be your Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner. I strongly believe that the CSA requires a well-trained, diverse and dedicated board of directors in order to encourage healthy decision making and appropriate representation of the students that the board members represent. I plan to seek out and implore the active students on and off campus to attend board meetings and contribute information to our decision making body. No more unnecessary ‘In Camera’ sessions; I plan to ensure that the CSA executive and the board of directors are as transparent throughout the entire decision making process as possible to allow appropriate input from any and all stakeholders.

I plan to increase the visibility of the CSA as a whole, advertising for student feedback during large decisions in ways such as: Hospitality Table Talkers, CSA Website, Campus Poster Boards, Social Media, Campus Professionals and Organizations, and Information Booths set up around campus. Included in the increased visibility would be to create more frequent interactions between CSA and all campus stakeholders, ensuring a healthy and open line of communication throughout the year.

To summarize what I am all about, it would be students. I believe that the students are the most important part of the student union and every one of my plans for next year basically derive from my desire to serve, advocate and work with the students of Guelph.


roRoisin Lyder


Roisin's campaign video can be seen here.

Hi, I’m Roisin. You should vote for me because I am committed to defending and expanding student interests, because I have four years of CSA experience, and because I have great ideas for this position.

1) Communication Innovation - The most important part of this portfolio is reaching out to students so you can get engaged with the many campaigns and services that the CSA runs for student benefit. My communications strategy includes: starting a CSA radio show, recruiting student representatives from large first year classes, holding office hours in the UC courtyard, empty classroom times so you know where you can study, and bringing more fun to your life with prizes, competitions, socials and pub nights!

2) Experience that Counts - I have been involved with the CSA for four years now. I spent two years as a member of the Board of Directors and I have also worked as both CSA Outreach and Promotions Coordinator and as CSA Clubs Coordinator. In addition to my CSA experience, I have been a longtime volunteer with many different organizations, clubs, and campaigns across campus including the Guelph Student Mobilization Committee, the Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity, the Guelph Campus Co-op and more.

3) Advancing Student Interests - A vote for me is a vote for active CSA campaigns! Campaigns that will work for more study and social space for students, a bottled water free campus, and against tuition fee increases. Together we are stronger.


Kara Bonis


Kara's campaign video can be seen here.


tyler_scaledTyler Valiquette


Campaign video here.

My name is Tyler Valiquette and students should vote for me for three reasons; Improved campus safety, Municipal engagement and Enhanced Transit.

The University of Guelph campus is a great community. However, there are issues that should be addressed. Sexual assault is a reality and we need to make the services for survivors more apparent and accessible. I will publish sexual assault pamphlets in first year orientation packages so students have better access to information.

There are political happenings at the municipal level that students need to be aware of. Residential Licensing and the Nuisance by -law are examples. If approved, these will directly impact students. I plan to keep students informed through my experience in media. I am the videographer at The Cannon, I sat on the board and wrote for the Ontarion and I have a news show at CFRU. I know how to engage students.

The cost of transit continues to increase. The quality of service must increase with it. I am going to create a student survey to acquire student feedback in order to better present our thoughts to city officials and the transit board.

Vote Tyler for a stronger CSA. Check out Tyler4Local on Facebook.

juliascaledJulia Forster


Julia's campaign video can be seen here.

"Hi everyone! My name is Julia Forster and I am running for CSA Academic & University Affairs Commissioner. I believe students should vote for me because, if elected, I will actively work towards representing the entire undergraduate student body through offering an unbiased opinion and remain non-partisan. I promise to fight for and defend your academic rights, advocate for students self-identified as having a disability, and expand campus sustainability.

With the impending Program Prioritization Process results, I plan to support students by working towards ensuring there are other options available to achieve similar outcomes. The results are coming out mid-March and it is important that students are made aware of these results and have a passionate student advocate behind them making sure their discontent is heard.

I also plan to assess the viability and demand for a Fall semester reading week/long weekend, increase awareness of and volunteer participation in Center for Students with Disabilities services, and advocate for the phasing out of bottled water on campus.  I will work WITH administration through previous ties rather than against it in achieving measurable outcomes.

Vote Julia Forster for actionable change. May the Forster be with you

(To see my comprehensive platform, Like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Forster4acad) Twitter @Forster4acad"

May the FORSTER be with you!"


peters_picture_scaledPeter Miller


Campaign video here.

I’m Peter Miller, and I am excited to be running for Academic and University Affairs Commissioner. As a student I have been heavily involved in campaigns for lower tuition fees. I also have been a member of the CSA Board of Directors.


If elected I will work with students on a campaign for accessible and affordable education. The campaign will work to get a freeze and a reduction in tuition fees. I will also help mobilize students for a bottled water free campus. 78% of students voted for a bottled water free campus ant it’s time to make this a reality!

Address the Crisis in Funding:

Ontario has the lowest per-student funding in Canada and the highest tuition fees. As a result we see the University of Guelph implementing the Program Prioritization Process that looks to make cuts to programs on campus. This process threatens the quality of student life. We are paying more and getting less! I will run campaigns with students that will call for the Board of Governors to not make cuts to programs. Collectively, let us send a message to the Provincial Government that this institution will no longer make students pay for underfunding.


I will outreach to groups representing marginalized students on campus upholding the CSA’s Anti-Oppression Mandate. I will help with organizing events in collaboration with groups that represent marginalized students to change our campus culture. These events are vital to making campus and the CSA more inclusive.

Vote Miller time!


Other Candidates:

"Paul Caruso"

"Eric Ruderfer"

"Aliza Gold-Ruvolo"
"David Alton"

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