"All Girls ART to the Front #2" and the Importance of Highlighting Female Artists

Monday, November 21, 2016

  • Artwork by Emma Aurelia

    Artwork by Emma Aurelia

  • Artwork by Rebecca Roher

    Artwork by Rebecca Roher

  • Artwork by Carly Hunt

    Artwork by Carly Hunt

Written by Katelyn Gilmore

Guelph’s very-own Take Time Vintage clothing shop launched their second annual “All Girls ART to the Front” event last Friday November 11 to a pleased and bustling crowd. With Michael Jackson tunes and drinks-by-donation setting the warm mood, Take Time Vintage drew in large numbers.

Organizer Natalie Bousteab successfully surpassed her goal of “[showcasing] and [raising] local/Canadian cis and trans women artists and makers, giving them a fun and affordable way to sell their creations, and giving more folks a chance to access their works”. Moreover, by contributing a space for female artists to display their unique talents, she aimed to create an opening for women in the male dominated art arena. Those showcased could not be more grateful. Bousteab simultaneously rejects the conception that female entrepreneurs and artists are typically over-competitive with one another, and instead feels they collectively appreciate each other. “All Girls ART to the Front” attests to that as the artists had nothing but praise for the show.

Textile and sound artist Emma Aurelia was happy to contribute several of her pieces, which aim to highlight the unrecognized and passive relationship one usually has with textiles. She too feels the “female arts community is so relevant”, and any female artist exclusive event is inherently a great art event. Illustrator Rebecca Roher displayed prints of hand paintings, as inspired by palm readings and the idea that one’s experiences accumulate and reflect on the body. Similarly, she felt the event was special because it granted the unique opportunity for women’s artwork to stand-out. Film photographer Carly Hunt brought along some personal favourites from her collection of work, adorning them to “things [she’d] hang up in [her] bedroom”. She noted that the show flourished as people could admire the femininity within the artwork, while also viewing a local perspective in a community setting.

With variety of artwork from dozens of female artists including floral installations, photography, textile work, painting, mixed-media, illustrations and more, there truly was something for everyone to enjoy. If appreciating the beautiful artwork alone was not enough, the event allowed the chance to chat with the artists themselves about their work’s inspiration, etc. and take home a piece of their talent. With the overwhelming success of this event on numerous levels, Take Time Vintage will undoubtedly be able to expand from their predominately Guelph and Toronto market by the time the third annual “All Girls ART to the Front” comes to fruition next year.

Are you afraid you missed out on something amazing? Fear not! Take Time Vintage will be displaying all work for purchase as featured in the “All Girls ART to the Front” launch party until Friday December 6. Stop by 33 Carden St upstairs to thrift and support local, female artists. For more information, check out their Facebook event page “All Girls Art to the Front #2”, or their website.

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