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Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Each year, SL presents awards to student and faculty members who are nominated by their peers for their exemplary campus and community involvement and achievements. 

Student Life (SL) is a department from the Director’s Office made up of CNS, OIA, CEGC, OCL and ARC (click the link below to learn more about each unit), and these five units are dedicated to the different aspects and niches of student life on campus.

“There are so many opportunities for students to recognize other students for the
 amazing things they’ve done on campus and in the community,” said Jessica Carter, Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Coordinator at SL. “Student Life is so proud and thrilled to be the stewards of these awards.” 

The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and celebrate the initiatives taken on by your peers, whether they’re an anchor of support for their community or leading figure among students on campus.  

“It’s an honour to be nominated of course,” said Carter. “If your peers or community members (or faculty or staff member) think that you’re that awesome to be nominated for a prestigious award within the department of the university-- I would say that’s pretty great.”

These awards are a great way to thank those students who have made a difference in other student’s lives, whether through mentoring or providing that greater connection between the campus and the community.  

“Speaking with past award recipients, they've all been really thrilled to have the opportunity to accept such an award,” said Carter. “It usually puts things in perspective for them in terms of, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize that I’m [seen as] a mentor.’”

Students and faculty members can be nominated for most awards, but it’s really a focus on student achievements and celebrating the amazing individuals that contribute to student life on and off campus. 

“A faculty of staff member could be nominated for an award, but most are for students,” said Carter. “You just need a letter of nomination [...] and most awards require two letters of support from the two categories we ask for. Basically, we want to see that there are awesome students out there, have evidence of that and move forward to assessing if they deserve the award or not.” 

Nominations are due as early as February 8th, so get to work submitting before it’s too late. For more information and to see a list of awards available visit SL’s site here.

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