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Title Price Condition Program Course Code Date Posted
Cocktail Party Economics $10 Used ECON (Economics) 1100 7/Jan/2024
Dinner Party Economics $10 Used ECON (Economics) 1050 7/Jan/2024
Intermediate Accounting $15 Used ACCT (Accounting) 3330 7/Jan/2024
Foundations of Financial Management $50 New MGMT (Management) 3320 7/Jan/2024
Operations Management Sustainability and Supply Chain Management $40 Used FARE (Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics) 3310 7/Jan/2024
Attack of the Copula Spiders $15 New CWCP (Creative Writing Certificate) 7/Jan/2024
Thirsty $10 Used ENGL (English) 7/Jan/2024
Memorial (A Version of Homer’s Iliad) $15 Used ENGL (English) 7/Jan/2024
The Difference is Spreading $35 Used ENGL (English) 7/Jan/2024
Reading Poetry (A Complete Coursebook) $60 Used ENGL (English) 7/Jan/2024
Constitutional Pariah $20 Used POLS (Political Science) 7/Jan/2024
Inside Canadian Politics $20 Used POLS (Political Science) 7/Jan/2024
The Better Angels of Our Nature $20 Used SOC (Sociology) 4010 7/Jan/2024
Public Administration in Canada $20 Used POLS (Political Science) 7/Jan/2024
Interpersonal Communication $25 New EDRD (Environmental Design & Rural Development) 2020 7/Jan/2024
Psychology A Concise History $25 New PSYC (Psychology) 3000 7/Jan/2024
Essentials of Lifespan Development $100 New FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 7/Jan/2024
General Chemistry text with solutions $65 Used CHEM (Chemistry) 7/Jan/2024
L’historien de rien $10 Used FREN (French Studies) 1300 7/Jan/2024
Adult Development and Aging $100 Used FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 2060 7/Jan/2024
An Invitation to Health $75 Used FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 1100 7/Jan/2024
Biogeochemistry An Analysis of Global Change $60 New ENVS (Environmental Sciences) 2310 7/Jan/2024
Social Research Methods $50 Used SOAN (Sociology and Anthropology) 2120 7/Jan/2024
An Introduction to Psychological Science $35 Used PSYC (Psychology) 1000 7/Jan/2024
Kinship and Family – An Anthropological Reader $30 Used ANTH (Anthropology) 3770 7/Jan/2024
radioactive $20 Used ASCI (Arts & Science) 6/Jan/2024
through the lens of cultural anthropology $20 New ANTH (Anthropology) 6/Jan/2024
family patterns, gender relations $20 Used SOAN (Sociology and Anthropology) 6/Jan/2024
ancestral lines $15 New ANTH (Anthropology) 6/Jan/2024
public anthropology: engaging social issues in the modern world $15 New ANTH (Anthropology) 6/Jan/2024