A Close-up on Royal Wood: The Roots of "The Root of It All"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

  • Royal Wood takes the stage at Dublin Street United Church this Saturday

    Royal Wood takes the stage at Dublin Street United Church this Saturday

Written by Stephanie Rennie

This Saturday evening, one of Canada’s gems in the world of music will take the stage at the Dublin Street United Church in Guelph. After receiving a Juno nomination for Songwriter of the Year in 2011 and obtaining the title of iTune’s Songwriter of the Year in 2010, Royal Wood has become a common name in the Canadian music business.

Born in Lakefield, a small town in Ontario, Wood is more than familiar with life in Southern Ontario. His upcoming tour, “The Root of it All” is most appropriately named as it expresses Royal’s desire to reunite with his small town roots, while reaching out to his growing number of fans in a powerful and intimate way.

At the young age of four, when most children are unsure of the purpose of the piano other than to annoy their parents with loud, nauseating sounds, young Royal Wood began playing keys that would quickly become a repertoire known and loved by fans across the country.

Royal describes the piano as being similar to “your first kiss” as it is easily one of the “most powerful memories of your youth.” Like many first kisses, a meaningful relationship blossomed that has not only survived, but flourished between Royal and his music throughout the years.

As a young child, Wood was left with his uncle’s collection of albums including Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, and The Beatles. Each artist spoke to the young, aspiring musician and brewed his passion and love for creating music.

Now, as a Juno-nominated singer-songwriter touring across the nation to promote his latest album, Royal reflects on the experience of being nominated for such a prestigious award.

“It was certainly an honour and thrill," says Royal Wood of his Juno-nomination experience, though he stresses that it hasn’t changed his perception of himself as an artist. Royal expresses his excitement to “reach more people with my music,” though he says his reason for creating such music remains the same.

 When asked what motivates and inspires him in creating such extraordinary music, Royal Wood humbly replies "life, that is what all artists draw from." 

His latest album “The Waiting,” is filled musically and instrumentally with messages of love, lust, and of course, loss. Royal describes the compilation of songs as “a diary page of that two year span” in his life. Shifting away from masks of metaphors, Royal reveals a new-found confidence.

“The Root of it All” Tour, accompanying the release of his latest album, will span across Canada from East to West as cities of all sizes are graced with an evening of blissful music performed by the talented singer-songwriter.

With his last tour focusing on larger cities and venues, Wood is ambitious to perform in small towns across the country to connect with Canadian fans in different ways. Moving away from large venues and a full band, Royal says that this series of concerts will consist of “a guitar, a bass, and myself.”

Those fortunate enough to be in the audience on Saturday evening, will experience what Wood calls “a story teller night” that is quite intimate.

Don’t miss out on an amazing evening of profound lyrics, refined instrumental work, and of course, fun. Tickets are available at Ground Floor Music up until Saturday and at the door of Dublin Street United Church on Saturday May 14th at 7:30pm. 

Stephanie Rennie is Editor-in-Chief of thecannon.

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