A move for the unmotivated.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Written by Samartha Gamble

Dear Sammy:

I am a second year University student having difficulties focusing on my school priorities. Lately, I have found myself becoming easily distracted by a constant need to socialize and party. Instead of studying and attending my long, and usually boring, early morning classes, I find myself just lying down on my bed embattled by all the reasons why I shouldn’t go. But when my buddies come calling for the pubs, (they always come calling) I find myself unable to say no. I am already failing my classes and without some quick changes to my lifestyle, I am sure to flunk out. My friends don’t strive to take their studies seriously so it’s hard to seek out their support. How can I motivate myself to start taking my studies seriously again?

  • Unmotivated,

Dear Unmotivated:

As a former University graduate myself, I can truly understand how you must be feeling. Early mornings and long boring classes can really leave one unmotivated in wanting to attend their lectures. However, each day you remind yourself of why you don’t enjoy waking up and going to class, is just another day lost to regret. So, what can you do to get motivated again? First, motivate yourself by understanding that the drive is within you. Nothing anyone else says will get you motivated so you really have to want it and need it. That being said, you may want to consider assigning a value to your education and its necessity towards your future successes. In thinking about the importance and cost of attending your classes, you are more likely to regain your willpower to combat the negative thoughts currently blinding you from what you stand to lose. Motivate yourself with some self-talk. Remind yourself that everyday spent fooling around is yet another day of setback towards your own University success. Hanging out with the partying crowd will not prompt you into achieving your goals so get rid of those unnecessary distractions! What you need is willpower and some disciplined friends who can support you in establishing a happy and healthy balance between your studies and your excessive socializing. If you still remain unmotivated after this lecture from Sammy, perhaps it is time to take some personal time off campus for some self-introspection. Remember, Unmotivated, you are the only one, who can start the motivation ball rolling.

  • Sammy
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