A Not So Hallow Weekend

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Written by Alex Subic

By the time this article comes out, most students will have read the email notifying us of the suspension of late night bus service. And there will be many different reactions to the events that brought about this swift action on the part of the Guelph Transit, the CSA, the GSA and the University and, of course, the fairness of the outcome.

Once again, the actions of a minority depict our entire student body as wild and out of control. Worse yet, the events of this past weekend make us look violent and dangerous -- with the right amount of alcohol in our systems, of course. I find it shocking that anyone would have the audacity to beat up a Guelph Transit driver. And, in a completely separate incident, that students would throw a street party with over 300 people in a family neighbourhood, or that a UofG student would punch a Guelph Police officer.

To most students, the loss of the late night bus service will prove to be a great inconvenience, whether one is studying or working late, or unable to take a taxi home from the bar. It’s also quite embarrassing. The whole series of incidents brings into question our character as University of Guelph students.
I may have felt the uncompromising judgment on students and the decision to cancel the bus service unjust, if not for an incident that happened to me on Halloween night. I was walking home from downtown and it was late (the buses had already stopped running), and while I was waiting for the light to turn, a car full of guys drove by, when one of the idiots poked his blonde head out the window and threw an egg at me. It missed me and at the time I wasn’t even fazed by what happened and I just laughed at his terrible aim.

The next day I thought about the situation some more and I got angry. Why should I be labeled in the same category as these people? I mean, I am always pleasant to my bus driver, as are the majority of my peers.

So, I suppose this is a plea to their friends, and all UofG students. If you see someone engaging in this kind of behaviour tell them it’s not ok, or funny. This is the real world! We are members of this community and we should respect the community we live in.

I don’t know if the person that attacked the bus driver is a UofG student, and I also can’t claim the same for the guy with the shoddy aim. It’s not fair that we are constantly to blame for all that goes wrong off campus. However, until this behaviour stops, the rest of Guelph will not focus on our achievements and contributions, but on the hooliganism and stupidity of a few.

I propose we take to this cause in the same determined and passionate manner we support any other on this campus. After all, this is our community and the place where we have our first real impact.

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