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Thursday, July 15, 2010

  • See who walked away with the grand prize in the Second Annual Guelph-Wellington "Summer
in Swing" Photography Contest.

    See who walked away with the grand prize in the Second Annual Guelph-Wellington "Summer in Swing" Photography Contest.

Written by Greg Beneteau

From the colourful to the creative to the bizarre, our judges were again overwhelmed by the range of entries submitted to the Second Annual Guelph-Wellington "Summer in Swing" Photography Contest. A big thank you to everyone who entered!

Thecannon's co-owners, the CSA and the Guelph Campus Co-op, also deserve recognition for their continued support of contests like this one.

In choosing a winner, our panel of judges made a short list of 10 outstanding photographs. Those entries were  evaluated based on the following criteria:

(1) Visual appeal and composition

(2) Originality and creativity

(3) Portrayal of Guelph and Wellington County in the summer

The judges selected one Grand Prize Winner, who will receive two weekend passes to the Hillside Festival. They also chose three runners up (shown in no particular order) who will each receive a gift package from thecannon, the Guelph Campus Co-op and the Central Student Association.


GRAND PRIZE: Guelph student David Sullivan takes home two Hillside weekend passes for his shot of Orientation Volunteers entertaining the crowds during Orientation Week 2009.

(Click here to see a larger version of the photo).

Said Sullivan: "I had this photo planned out my my head for a year and it turned out pretty much how I imagined it when everything came together."

Apparently, our judges agreed. Not only does David's photo capture the energy and enthusiasm of Orientation Week, it also highlights the close connection between students and local residents, who can be seen watching the show in the background.




Runner-up: Who can resist a swim on a hot summer's day? Our judges found Hayley Mullen's photo of a friend chilling out in Guelph Lake  both visually captivating and refreshing to look at!

(Click here to see a larger version of the photo).




Runner up: Michael Kazimierczuk caught up with skateboarding sensation Dalton Fleming practising his moves at a local school. Our judges were impressed with this low light, high energy shot, which reminds us of the many opportunities to be active in the region.

(Click here to see a larger version of the photo).



Runner up: Our judges liked the striking colour contrasts in this photo of a red winged black bird in Westminister Woods. Thanks to Paddy McManus for showcasing the natural beauty of Guelph's green spaces.

(Click here to see a larger version of the photo).



HONOURABLE MENTIONS: We received so many excellent pictures, the judges decided to highlight some of their favourites:


Bre Elbourn soaks up the sun on the side of Wellington Road 35...


... while Stephane Sensasi hangs out in the driveway.


Andrew Rebbetoy captures a bicycle balancing act...


...while Mike McGill catches runners mid-stride.


This duck photographed by Christine Boot seems to enjoy frolicking in the Speed River...


... but the gulls in David Kazimierczuk's shot will go wherever there's food.


Animals were a popular theme in this year's contest. Were you a fan of Leah Watson's horses...


...Bridget Irving's cat...


... or Paddy McManus's ostriches?


Jordan Tilley discovers a brilliantly coloured poppy...


...while Jo Boucher captures a delicate, dew-soaked flower.


Kelly Mary views the sign at the Albion Hotel from a new angle...


... while Gabrielle Dickert gives us a riders-eye view of the carousel at Riverside Park.


To Wade Sandberg, an open doorway can be a welcoming place...


... or a entrance to beauty and wonder, as Jeffrey Ryan Martineau demonstrates.


No matter where you go in Guelph or Wellington County, there's bound to be excitement, as David Sullivan knows. Congratulations!

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