Another Romantic Quandary

Monday, February 26, 2007

Written by Samartha Gamble

Dear Sammy,

I recently grew very close to my best friend’s younger sister. I spend a lot of time with the family and realized after a while that we had a lot in common. I’ve never been able to open up to anyone the way I’ve with been able to open up to her before. But here’s the problem, Sammy: She’s 16 and I’m 22. I never thought in a million years I’d fall for someone younger than I am, especially my best buddy’s sister! But we’ve talked about our feelings and realized that they are mutual. I know if my best friend hears about us, he’s going to be livid, but I really care about her and would never do anything to hurt her; she means too much to me. My question to you Sammy is: Would it be wrong of me to pursue a relationship with someone so young?

  • Distressed Lover

Dear Distressed Lover,

While your best friend’s baby sister may be more mature when compared to the other girls you’ve dated, and while she seems to understand you like nobody else, there is one thing that you seem to be forgetting – she’s a child. She is 16-years-old and isn’t as experienced as you may be in the relationship department. Intellectually she may be acting well beyond her years, but emotionally she is still a bud waiting to blossom. The fact that an older guy is interested in her may have her acting “older” in order to impress you. Regardless of how mature she may be, society and your best friend are definitely going to frown upon your relationship. People will think you can’t find someone your own age or worse still, will believe that you are only with her for one reason. Furthermore, if your buddy and his parent’s hear about your crush on their daughter/sister, your close bond with this family will fall apart right in front of your eyes. They may not want you to come around the house anymore and feel uncomfortable with the idea of you being alone with the girl in question. Even worse, you’d lose your best friend and be banned from seeing his sister anymore. Think about what you would be losing if you decided to pursue a relationship with this young lady. It’s not worth gambling your friendship for a relationship which may not even last. She’s young and she should be dating BOYS, not men, her own age. Distressed Lover, take my advice and don’t put your hand in this cookie jar. Keep the relationship the way it currently is - as a close, family friend. I’m sure you’ll find another person you can connect with who is your age. There are many older and more experienced fish in the sea!

  • Sammy
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