Bob Bell

Saturday, September 2, 2006

1) What is your opinion of the job that council's done over the past three years?

I think they spent way too much money and it was all on the wrong things

2) Why did you decide to run?

Because the existing councilors were doing a really bad job

3) The Guelph Civic League has highlighted four issues for the consideration of voting students. Please comment on the following:

a) What is your position on the proposed pipeline from Lake Erie to Guelph?

I will never support the pipeline or make Guelph drink Lake Erie water!

b) How will you address issues of development in the city and what is your plan for the continued growth of Guelph?

I think we need to plan properly and create small walking communities, not faceless sprawl

c) If you are elected to council do you intend to lend your support to the continuation of the student bus pass?


d) The GCL is concerned about the size and number of bike lanes on Guelph roads, will you push for greater bike access? (350 words)


4) Is there another issue(s) that you think voters should be aware of when considering their choices at the ballet box?

I think voters have a right to known who are the people who are paying for the politician's campaign before they vote

5) What's you final message to U of G students?

Please remember that a main reason that schools and universities are built is to enable the students to build a better world, not just buy a bigger car.

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