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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Written by Joel Harnest

Hello residents!

Allow me to introduce myself and what this column is all about. My name is Joel Harnest and I am the President of Interhall Council, your residence student government. It is my hope that, over the course of O-Week, first semester, and now second semester and Frost Week, you have become familiar with what our organization offers.

Recently, thecannon.ca and IHC created a partnership to offer yet another service for residence students: this weekly article, where it is my responsibility to discuss issues pertinent and relevant to residence students. Fear not: this column will not deteriorate into cheap plugging for IHC events (that, and more, can be found on our own website!). Rather, we hope you find this information helpful in your residence experiences.

Be it dealing with “The Januaries,” finding off-campus housing, applying to return to residence (and selecting housemates in the process), or planning an amazing Reading Week trip, this column will, ideally, provide some insights into all of those processes and experiences.

This is certainly not going to be a one-way dialect: if you or your roommates/floormates/towermates have issues you would like me to investigate further or provide advice in, you can e-mail me at . Every week, there will be a new column dealing with a new issue.

Consider this, the first week, a very brief introduction. Get into the habit of checking back here every Friday for a new article, and who knows, you might just learn something! Here's a preview of some upcoming themes and ideas. These are subject to change, and if there's something not covered here, send that e-mail!

Friday, January 25th: Returning to residences & selecting roommates

Friday, February 1st: Moving off-campus & selecting roommates

Friday, February 8th: Reading Week; Last-minute Plans

Friday, February 15th: Returning home for Reading Week (how to balance your newly gained independence under your parents' roof)

Until next week,

Joel Harnest

IHC President, 2007|2008

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