CSA Exec Column: Managing Minors

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Written by Nathan Lachowsky

Minors - Speak Your Mind & Share Your Thoughts

Minors seem to be the 'hot' curriculum issue of the year. And yes, there are such things as 'hot' curriculum issues.

Now is your chance to get invovled and speak out! Join us for a Public Townhall Meeting in Rozhanski Hall 103 on Thursday, November 19thfrom 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

A meeting of a Senate subcommittee last April approved the following motion:

"RESOLVED, That the Board of Undergraduate Studies approves the principle of the elimination of minors in the degree programs, with the understanding that the Office of the Provost will return to the Board of Undergraduate Studies with proposals for alternate methods to achieve the academic objectives of secondary areas of study including a list of minors proposed for elimination. Following wide consultation with stakeholders this report will return to BUGS no later than the end of March 2010."

Following this motion the Secondary Areas of Student Working Group was struck by the Provost ,to be lead by the Associate Vice President Academic, Serge Desmarais. The two students members on this committee are the CSA Academic Commissioner - and the Student Senate Caucus Co-Chair.

There are 55 minors offered by the U of G in the 2009-2010 Undegraduate Calendar. There were 1555 total students with declared minors for Fall 2008:

  • 6 minors with 50+ students enrolled
  • 18 minors with 20-49 students enrolled
  • 31 minors with 0-19 student enrolled

Please come out and attend the Public Townhall Meeting to find out more about the process, the current situation regarding Secondary Areas of Study at U of G and to share your opinions!

Nathan Lachowsky is CSA Academinc Commission for 2009-2010.

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