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Monday, February 1, 2010

  • Every single undergraduate student has the opportunity to cast their vote, and
decide who will run their Central Student Associ

    Every single undergraduate student has the opportunity to cast their vote, and decide who will run their Central Student Associ

Written by Gavin Armstrong

The nomination period for the CSA General Elections opens today! This is a critical time for the organization and I would like to explain the process, positions, and why it is important to take part, whether by running or voting.

The nomination period opens this Monday February 1st and will run until Friday February 12th. A Candidate Nomination Form (found on www.csaonline.ca or in the CSA Front Office) must be submitted within this timeframe. All the signatures on this form must be from current registered undergraduate students. These student signatures will be verified.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) will arrange multiple All Candidates Meetings between February 22nd-26th. The process, rules, and regulation will be outlined at these meeting.  From March 1st-5th you will see the candidates campaigning all over campus. This is your chance to meet them and hear their take on the issues. On March 4th the CSA will be holding an all candidates forum in the UC. This is an opportunity to ask all of the candidate‚Äôs questions and hear their stance on the issues affecting students.

March 8th-12th is voting week. Every single undergraduate student has the opportunity to cast their vote, and decide who will run their Central Student Association for the next year. Voting is as easy as checking your email and clicking a link. You can vote from home, in class, at the movies, or from anyone of our wireless polling stations scattered around campus.

What are you voting for? Here is the list:

Board of Directors:
The highest governing body for the CSA. They are the overseers of the organization and are ultimately responsible for all of its elements and responsibilities.

Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner:
The primary spokesperson for the organization. This commissioner holds the corporate seal and is a legal signing authority for the CSA. They are responsible for the media, public relations, marketing, board of directors, and act as the primary liaison with the multiple campus and community partners.

Academic and University Affairs Commissioner:
All things academic fall under this portfolio. The Academic Commissioner has a seat on Senate to voice the concerns of the student body. This position is also the environmental sustainability contact for the CSA, and works with the Centre for Students with Disabilities.

Human Resources and Operations Commissioner
The overall operations of the CSA, including human resources and finance fall under this portfolio. This commissioner is the other signing authority and oversees the finances, staff, student fees, CSA clubs, the cannon.ca and Bull Ring Coffee Pub.

Local Affairs Commissioner:
The student voice in the community. The Local Affairs Commissioner sits on multiple city committees as helps ensure that the student experience off campus is the best it can be. The Universal Bus Pass is managed by this position, as well as the Food Bank and the Bike Centre.

External Affairs Commissioner:

This commissioner is responsible for connecting and empowering students to be involved with decision-making and policy implementation at the provincial and federal level. They work with student unions from other campuses (especially through the Canadian Federation of Students), labour unions, and social justice groups to ensure greater accessibility, support for students, and better government funding to post-secondary education.

If you have any questions about ANY aspect of this election please feel free to contact the Communications and Corporate Affairs commissioner at , or the CEO at .

Being engaged in student leadership is a  rewarding experience and I encourage anyone looking to get involved to consider being a part of the CSA. If your not interested in being directly involved, I urge you to cast your vote to decide who will run the organization that represents you.

Gavin Armstrong is the current Communications and Corporate Affairs Commission for the CSA.

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