Don't be a Menace to South Central this Halloween

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Written by Jessica Wiper - Neighbourhood Relations and Off-Campus Housing Peer

Well folks, the week of stress and indecision is over. That’s right, you have made it through Halloween 2006 costume deliberation. Personally I couldn’t think of anything creative so I was dressed as my roommate. Ah Halloween, the holiday where you drop your socially approved dress code and adopt something funnier, scarier, weirder or more scandalous.

However, a few select people drop not only their social dress code, but also their social manners. I am talking about the subject of vandalism. I don’t agree that a few bad students give the entire population a bad name; I prefer the more optimistic approach that the vast majority of amazing students make up for the few immature kiddies around campus. I understand that most Guelph students are upright citizens, and I am therefore gearing this article towards you.

Vandalism is an offence. It ranges from spray-painting campus buildings to smashing someone’s mailbox to causing serious damage to private and public property. No matter what the specifics, it is an offense which will land a person in hot water with the police and will potentially be brought to provincial court.

How about the classic walk-home-from-the-bar-garden-gnome-switch? Yes, the moment when you see a nice house with some lawn furniture and decide at that moment the best idea is to move them to a house three doors down. Harmless right? Well, no, not really. What you didn’t think of is that the occupant of that house may be physically disabled, or elderly, or a myriad of other notions that could prevent them from easily grabbing the gnome and bringing it back to the yard. Please everyone, just leave the gnomes alone.

If you are aware of any vandalism in your community, please call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS; it's completely anonymous, so let the authorities take care of the problem.

Have fun, and play safe!

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