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Monday, November 24, 2003


Written by Laura Shaw

When was the last time you bought something on a whim and shoved it in a corner of a closet somewhere and never looked at it again?

Probably not too long ago.

Now think, when was the last time a person your age in Malaysia did that?

Probably never.

Our lifestyle allows us a lot of luxuries that we all know we take for granted but never seem to do anything concrete about- on November 28th, we all have a chance to redeem ourselves and it doesn’t take any action at all.

Buy Nothing Day began over 11 years ago in Vancouver, Canada and is now a worldwide movement with over 65 countries participating. The day is supposed to draw attention to the massive over-comsumption of the industrialized countries and its harmful effects to the rest of the world. 25% of the globe uses up 80% of the world’s resources, and it’s putting a huge dent in our economy, our environment and our standard of living worldwide.

Buy Nothing Day isn’t about not buying food, or not buying things that you need to live your everyday life. It’s about stopping before you make compulsive, stupid purchases that you’ll regret and will only add to your credit card problems and the destruction of the world around you. The fact that we have so much, and we spend and waste so much, isn’t helping anyone.

Right before Christmas, we should all be thinking about how to fill our lives with worthwhile people, places and things, and not just greedily fill our closets with endless things in order to make ourselves temporarily happy. Buy Nothing Day is meant to wake us up to the fact that we waste and waste and waste- and it’s supposed to be a nice break from our hectic day-to-day lives spent standing in line and racking up debt, a chance to spend some time talking to people and enjoying life without spending money.

If you want to take a stand for something worthwhile without getting dreadlocks, strapping on Birkenstocks and chaining yourself to a tree, this is for you. BUY NOTHING DAY! Curb your consumption on November 28th and feel good that you’re doing something so passive it’s active.

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