Four Aces is Jury and Viewer Favourite at Local Focus 2

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

The Synn Studios and Lynnvander Productions romantic-comedy FOUR ACES received the coveted Jury Award for Best Feature Film Sunday at the Local Focus 2 Film Festival in Kitchener. FOUR ACES was also named winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award in this festival of locally-based, cinematic talent put on by the Multicultural Cinema Club.

“It’s a tremendous honour to be counted amongst all these talented local filmmakers that getting a prize is almost redundant,” says FOUR ACES writer, director and co-star Thomas M. Gofton. “We’ll take the prize, but what I’m most proud of is that people have seemed to really embrace the film and the characters. I’ve be pleasantly surprised by audience reaction every time we show it.”

The next screening of FOUR ACES will take place sometime in April at the Synn Studios screening room, The Synnema, in honour of executive producer Richard Curl who’s returning from his tour of duty with the Canadian Forces stationed in Afghanistan. FOUR ACES is also in the process of being submitted for consideration to film festivals across the globe.

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