Frauds, Scams and Illegal Activity on thecannon.ca

Monday, January 30, 2012


Written by Stephanie Rennie

Thecannon is a complimentary service offered to students by the Central Student Association and the Guelph Campus Co-operative. The website is run by a small number of staff whose job it is to oversee day-to-day operations including editorial content, volunteer recruitment and training, technical support, promotions and liaising with the Website Operating Committee.

As part of its commitment to University of Guelph students, thecannon allows users to post classifieds for a variety of items, from textbooks to rental housing.

While we do our best to address issues of fraud and improper use of the site, there are literally hundreds of classifieds posted every day, many of which result in sales. As such, we do not moderate complaints that arise between buyers and sellers, nor do we have the authority to hand down judgments favouring one party or another.

Thecannon, its staff and owners do not review or confirm the veracity of any claim made in its classifieds section. It is the responsibility of the seller to adhere to website’s Terms and Conditions when posting classifieds, and the responsibility of the buyer to evaluate claims made by sellers and protect themselves accordingly. Users who violate the Terms and Conditions of thecannon may have their accounts terminated.

If you come across suspicious or illegal items being sold within the classified ads, please report the ad by clicking “Report Abuse.” This is allows thecannon to ensure that illegal and inappropriate ads are deleted from the site as quickly as possible.

Thecannon works with law enforcement to identify and prosecute perpetrators of fraud and illegal activity. If you suspect that a classified posting is either fraudulent or illegal, we encourage you to contact us through the feedback form available on the site or by emailing [email protected] If suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, we further encourage you to contact Guelph Police Services (www.guelphpolice.com) and the RCMP anti-fraud Call Centre (www.phonebusters.com) to register a complaint.

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