"He just got re-elected"

Thursday, January 29, 2004

  • A turkey in every pot? Doubt it.

    A turkey in every pot? Doubt it.

Written by Kyle Lambert

When I started writing for The Cannon I asked myself to go as long as possible without doing an article about Iraq. Everyone has seen and heard so much about the American invasion and subsequent occupation of the Middle-Eastern country that nearly all points made about the situation are becoming horribly redundant.

Yet, despite numerous ideological volleys lobbed from all sides of the debate, one comment, which I’ve heard from a few sources, needs to be addressed. Within hours of the capture of Saddam Hussein, average Joe’s and media types alike seemed to all have the same opinion, that the Shrub, George Dubya himself, just got re-elected. Suddenly the entire war in Iraq, including its thousands of casualties, was justified because of the capture of one man. Well gee whiz folks, we can finally sleep at night, they’ve caught the boogieman! Now, before I get ahead of myself, the capture of Saddam Hussein was a good thing. But, it doesn’t mean that every problem in the world, most of which Bush and his predecessors had a hand in creating, is now solved. The United States of America is just as threatened by terrorism as before and the people of Iraq are just as pissed at their occupiers as before. Why then, is George W. Bush’s re-election totally affirmed by his army’s capture of one man?

The entire argument that the U.S. campaign into Iraq was justified by the capture of Hussein has become nothing but an over-used punch line. We all know that the initial reasoning for the war, the one given to U.S. Congress and not the oil-based logic that the rest of us understand, was that Iraq possessed numerous weapons of mass destruction which they intended to use against the United States. This argument has been proven false by the fact that not a single WMD has been found in Iraq, despite the hundreds of searches that have taken place. Luckily for the Bushites, Hussein was captured just as the WMD follies were reaching their peak and the presidential candidates for the opposition Democratic party were feeding off the government’s failure to justify their war. Bush now has his trophy on the wall, Saddam Hussein is captured and suddenly all is well and his re-election is assured. Or is it? What those opposing Bush need to make public is that not only are we no safer than before, but neither are the people of Iraq. There are daily occurrences of bombings and shooting attacks in Iraq and while the U.S. casualty rate has now hit 500, the death toll among Iraqis continues to climb at an alarming rate. It seems as though for every American soldier killed in Iraq, two or three civilians also lose their lives. Unfortunately, the lives of Iraqis are about as important to the general American public as the latest Cricket scores from Jamaica.

The problems faced by Iraqi civilians do not stop there. The unemployment rate is currently over 80%, far higher than when Hussein was in power. Access to adequate health and education services is non-existent. And perhaps worst of all, the free speech and freedom championed the U.S. cowboy president also appear to have been forgotten. Not only are there no elections on the horizon, but protesters demonstrating against the occupation in Iraq are being violently suppressed. So much for the free and strong nation promised by the Bushites! Their empty words about the war appear to have been written while toasting glasses of crude oil at another Republican party fundraiser.

All of these facts must be brought to the forefront by the mainstream Bush opponents as the election draws near. This promises to be a national political race followed by more foreign people than ever before. The Democrat opponents of George Dubya must make all voters aware that the Shrub himself is the very reason for the outside interest. If not for his government’s ridiculous acts and hateful foreign policy, most of the world wouldn’t care about the November election. But this one promises to be different. Much of the outside world does care and we will be watching with ever-growing interest to see what Bush’s opponents are doing to combat the “he just got re-elected” fever that has overtaken America.

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