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Monday, December 3, 2007

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It's now officially time for "le exams," I used "le" for "the," I know... clever. There are some important things to remember during this stressful time. So, here are some important tips to keep you body and your grades healthy.

Study tips:

Study in the morning before your mind gets caught up in events of the day.

Don't study for too long at one time. If you study for more than a few hours without a significant break you will tire your brain and will be less efficient in your studying. If you're feeling overwhelmed by studying, take a break that is at least 1/4th as long as your study time.

Use associations, mnemonic devices often work well. Another strategy is to imagine your house. Think of a party and in each room of the house there is one person that you talk to. Imagine a conversation with each of these people on the different sections of what you have to study. That way when you are in your exam, you can think back to the "room" and the "conversation."

If you're not good at imagining, see if you can actually converse with people in different rooms on different topic.

Try to teach the material to someone else. In teaching it you will retain the information better.

Health tips:

Don't give up sleep to study. Now more than ever it is important to have a regular sleep schedule. Try to get near 8 hours of sleep.

Don't substitute quick eats for good food. Take a break from studying and spend an hour getting something good to eat rather than five minutes to scarf down garbage. Yeah, it's easy but it is going to hurt your ability to study and your health in the end.

Avoid caffeine, sugar and unusual eating patterns. Caffeine is a stimulant and simulates adrenaline, if you're stressed already, extra caffeine will put you over the edge. Sugar will also mess with your head. Things like candy will help to push you on a sugar "roller-coaster." Also, you should make sure to eat about the same amount at about the same time. If you do not keep a goo eating schedule, your metabolism and blood sugar will fluctuate and you will not be able to sustain yourself.

To sum up... MODERATION! Take your time and study well and study healthy.

If you have any of your own tips, add them below in the comments!

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  1. Posted by: Graeme Ross on Dec 31, 2007 @ 1:43pm

    Moderation is so key Bob, you hit the nail on the head. Your 1/4 study break time is absolutely correct. When I study for finals, I study for one hour, and take a 10-15 minute break every single hour. It sounds like a short time to study before a break, but the concentration you can achieve is really quite remarkable. Ever put your pen down and just look out the window? Studying for an hour at a time (in my opinion) is the single most effective way to eliminate wasting time (why study for 6 hours, when 4 hours will do)

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