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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Want to get involved in the CSA?

There are 19 Elected positions available for at large reps and Commissioners for the term of office May 1st 2012 – April 30th 2013.

Academic and University Affairs Commissioner, Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner, External Affairs Commissioner, Human Resources & Operations Commissioner, Local Affairs Commissioner

COA – 2 Seats
CBS – 2 Seats
CME – 2 Seats
CPES – 2 Seats
CSAHS – 2 Seats
OVC – 2 Seats
OAC – 2 Seats

The Nomination period for the election opens January 30th and closes February 10th at 4 pm. All forms are due to the CSA office. Forms are available online www.csaonline.ca or through the main office.

The Campaign period is February 27th to March 2nd.

The All Candidate Open forum and Fair will start at 11 am take place in the UC Courtyard Thursday, February 28th.

Voting for the election will be through email ballot on Gryphmail February 29th and close on March 2nd.

For questions regarding the election process or how to run contact:

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