Introducing TheCannon.ca's new advice columnist

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

TheCannon.ca is pleased and proud to welcome talk therapist Samartha Gumble as our site’s new, regular advice columnist. Samartha’s column is entitled “Dear Sammy…”, which is an homage to the granddaddy (so to speak) of advise columnists: Dear Abby, and will appear on the Cannon every Friday. This will be done in conjunction with Samartha’s new radio call-in show that airs every Wednesday night from 8-9 on CFRU starting tomorrow. So if your shy or would just rather not call into the CFRU switchboards with your problem, Samartha will also be answering your e-mail questions in her Cannon column.

According to the CFRU website: “Samartha will shed some light, candor and humour as she brings a refreshing avenue to vent and to seek enlightenment on your debilitating and toxic emotions. Your stories and your calls are important to us on the Talk Therapy show, because on CFRU we believe in listening and protecting the heartset and mindset of our students and community. So sit back, relax and join us in our informative and healthy discussions by calling in LIVE. Remember, Samartha is here for you and your Guelph community is here for you as well.”

Feel free to begin sending your questions to Samartha at and keep your eyes peeled to the Cannon for Sammy’s first column.

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