It's Time to Think about Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Friday, February 9, 2007

Written by Jennifer Schneider

Housing listings are now being posted at Student Life. And although you may be eager to get out and sign that lease ASAP, it’s important to know that Guelph has a housing surplus. This means that Guelph is a “renter’s market” – there is more housing available than there are students looking to rent. Housing is plentiful. There are lots of great places to come by between February and April for leases that start in May and if you’re looking for a September lease, rentals may not be listed until June, July or August.

All of this means that instead of actively looking for a place right now, you can take some time to start thinking about living off-campus. Consider how much you can spend, who you want to live with, and exactly what are you looking for in a rental.

Additional resources:

For more rental listings check the yellow pages, The Cannon, Fresh Start Housing downtown, and local newspapers.

For all you need to know about renting and living off-campus, access the Off-Campus Living handbook
You can sign up for Off-Campus Living modules on WebCT. Just email to sign up. You could win a free Ultra Food Plan courtesy of Hospitality Services!

And email to ask the Neighbourhood Relations & Off-Campus Housing Peer Helpers any questions about living off-campus!

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