Jakki Doyle

Monday, January 1, 2007

Why are you running?
I feel I have a wealth of leadership experience from within our community that will support me in my role as F&HR Commissioner. I have an extensive financial background and have been actively involved this year on the Finance Subcommittee and Health & Dental Plan Subcommittee with the CSA Board.
What are your priorities for next year?
Primarily, I will ensure that there is adequate and directed club support through working closely with the clubs Presidents and Clubs Coordinator. Additionally, promoting CSA Service awareness will be on the top of my to-do list. Ongoing throughout the year I will strive to unite the CSA Executives - so we can accomplish more as a team, rather than as individuals.
And now for a little word association, I say “student fees”, you say…
Worthwhile investment.

Scrooge McDuck or Monty Burns, who’s you’re favourite billionaire?

Scrooge McDuck – I’m old school like that, and we all know we’d like to take dip in some gold coins!

Do you have experience in creating/managing/overseeing a budget or other financial operations?

This year, I was the acting Vice President Finance of Interhall Council – and thus have been directly involved in all the daily financial matters. At the beginning of our fiscal year I coordinated a complete financial audit for our organization. Throughout the school year I have attended Student Budget Advisory Group (SBAG) meetings to oversee the University’s budget. Also, as a member of the Single Student Budget Group through Housing I also oversee the Housing ancillary budget formation and financial planning. Lastly, in preparation for the upcoming school year, I am the chairperson for the Interhall Budget Advisory Group, and am preparing the new operating budget. Short answer – yes, I have been working with budgets extensively for over a year. I have also sat on the Finance Subcommittee for the CSA – which has been working closely with the CSA 2006-2007 Operating Budget.

How many CSA exec members does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Well – that depends if it is an energy efficient light bulb, if so – only one, and if not – all five of us, because we should all be working together to ensure that the incandescent one is replaced with a more efficient model.

What do you know of the budget/financial operation of the CSA?

I have been on the Finance Subcommittee since the bi-elections this past Fall semester and thus have participated in the ongoing review processes and recently in the creation of the Operating Budget for the 2007-2008 school year. I understand the Operating Budget of $1.2 million annually with total budget of ~$5.5 million when we include Health & Dental coverage charges and the Bus Pass.

If elected, what would be your budgetary priorities for the CSA during your term?

If elected, my financial priorities include maintaining the great momentum for our Bullring and increasing CSA Services awareness, ensuring components like Print Services are self-sustaining, cost recovery initiatives. Lastly, to ensure effective financial supports for programs like Meal Exchange, Legal Resource Room and SafeWalk to ensure their ever-growing, ongoing success.

*As F&HR Commish you will supervise the Cannon.ca, what do like best about us?

I love the widespread awareness the campus has with the Cannon.ca. So many students use it regularly for such a variety of purposes - ongoing throughout the year through discussion forums and others for predominantly textbooks, classifieds and housing at key busy times. The Cannon.ca is really a staple on our campus and I will be proud to be the supervisor for such a reputable component of the CSA.

10) Anything else that you wanted to add?

Check out my website for more info on me and my campaign for F&HR Commissioner.

Also – I am member of the campaign team for the referendum question for Energy Retrofit on campus, so keep an eye out for info on that – this is our chance as students to be part of Energy Conservation Initiative. Check out the link the President’s website for more information on that.

Exercise your vote March 19-23!

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