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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Written by N. Charles Hamilton

Adventures abroad....

As we all bask in the beautiful Guelph weather this week, we know that it isn't always this pleasant here. Many of us take this philosophy to action and plan to escape summers full of what can be exhausting humidity, terrential thunderstorms or blistering sun. I am joining the ranks of students breaking out of the Summer-in-Guelph shell and heading abroad. This past Sunday I left for Europe, Italy specifically, on a trip to the province of Tuscany. Whether we students are traveling for leisure, recreation or curricular purposes, we can all appreciate the educational value embedded in international travel. For my trip overseas, I am adventuring with my mum, in a two week tour focused in Tuscany in addition to brief day trips to places like Sienna, Florence, Rome, Venice and Piza. In developing my interest in history I hope to further expand my appreciation of places of historical importance, art and achitecture and Italian culture. As a student who went on a two-week exchange program to France in high school, I encourage others to take the leap and experience at an educational level what other countries have to offer. Regardless of the purpose of my visit to Italy, or any other trip I've been on, I have always developed a better understanding of the unique qualities of that location. As my univeristy career comes to a close, I feel grateful for the opportunity but in part feel that I could also have gained from a semester abroad or exchange program from Guelph. Do you feel the same? Have you been on exchange/abroad through University and do you agree with the high value in those experiences?

From across the pond,

Jakki Doyle
Finance and Human Resources Commissioner

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  1. Posted by: Derek Pieper - CSA Academic Commissioner on Jul 30, 2007 @ 10:40am

    International educational and service learning opportunities can be the best part of an undergraduate degree! While increasing numbers of students are participating in these types of programs, more options (and more financially accessible options) should be available. I will always remember the opportunities that I have had to study, research, and learn overseas. One example of a program that University of Guelph students can participate in is the Guelph Global Learner program. This year alone there were educational and service learning (volunteering) trips to Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and India!

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