John Allen

Saturday, September 2, 2006

1) What is your opinion of the job that council's done over the past three years?

The past council has led us to a crossroads; the Commercial Policy Review was rushed through without any useful public input and will certainly stand as a case study in wrong information will give you the wrong conclusions. This council abandoned its fiduciary trust in not purchasing the Post Office, after years of volunteers, experts and public input that reached the conclusion that it was the best site - they failed us. It well may prove to
be a major blow that will set us on the same road as other downtowns that cost 10's of millions of dollars to repair.

The 2003 budget had a 13 year $10 million plan to set standards for the entire downtown for years to come that was dismissed and never seen again, they failed to adopt it but refer to it when it is convenient – The Public Realm Plan.

The loss of heritage buildings is very near to my heart as I live in a house on the Coulson list. This list contains the inventory of homes in Guelph built before 1925 that was compiled by a professor at the University of Guelph in 1977. The City of Toronto has a bylaw that prevents landlords from abandoning their properties and then crying fowl that it to expensive to repair, we need one.

2) Why did you decide to run?

I have been the elected chair of the Downtown Board of Management for the last 3 years and have appeared in front of council on numerous occasions. I became aware of how the long term commitment for the well being of our city was in jeopardy, so I am running.

I have serious concerns about the over all fiscal situation after the last 3 years. The next 4 years may not be enough to correct the course that has been set.

3) The Guelph Civic League has highlighted four issues for the consideration of voting students. Please comment on the following:

a) What is your position on the proposed pipeline from Lake Erie to Guelph?

NO PIPLELINE, if we consume 400 gallons per person and European's consume 200, conservation is the answer. The need to spend money on reduction and recycling will last us much longer than spending money for a natural resource we abuse.

b) How will you address issues of development in the city and what is your plan for the continued growth of Guelph?

Smart growth is about developing within a framework to form a community. The reclamation of brown fields and abandoned industrial sties must be made a priority; they are already within our city limits and are serviced. They are surrounded by amenities such as shopping districts and simply extend existing neighborhoods.

As we see new subdivisions are being created in our city they fail to provide the simplest of services and are not connected to the rest of the city. Arterial roads are designed for both public transportation and the effective moving of goods, but this concept seems lost as we continually find our major arterial roads with driveways on them. We must employ better metrics on how much and where we build to ensure quality of life for those that move there.

c) If you are elected to council do you intend to lend your support to the continuation of the student bus pass?

YES, I served on the Downtown Board of Management and supported the inception of the magic bus for late nights from the core. I also support longer hours and service on holidays so as not to strand those who rely on the valuable service to get around.

d) The GCL is concerned about the size and number of bike lanes on Guelph roads, will you push for greater bike access?

The entire city should have greater bike access. The European model of bike lanes no where near vehicular traffic is one to study, this certainly reduces the amount of accidents and injuries. Environmentally friendly and usually done in connection with walking trails and as a way to explore the city it is a must if we are to provide a quality of life to all that follow.

4) Is there another issue(s) that you think voters should be aware of when considering their choices at the ballet box?

Growth is connected to all of the major concerns

  • Taxes increase as development does not pay for all the services that the city is obligated to provide
  • water is of major concern, we should use our supply as a metric of how fast and how big we can grow
  • waste, we made it - we must deal with it, trucking large amounts of garbage to other countries is wrong, the cost may be ok now but if the border closes we will face a new set of problems that we cannot afford.
  • Organic waste if composted turns 100 tones into 25 tones of composted material, "dumps don't get too heavy they get too fat"!!

This is both sold and distributed locally and is a benefit to all of us, sound fiscal sense and an awareness of the environment.

5) What's you final message to U of G students?

Get involved

VOTE, those who you vote for in your city may very well influence you quality of life.

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