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Saturday, September 3, 2005


Written by Bre Walt

Bre Walt is a Neighbourhood Relations Peer Helper

Living off campus is an excellent time to get to know Guelph to a greater extent, and for students who have just moved from home or residence – a time to experience a different kind of freedom. Living off campus is an amazing experience, yet the off-campus world is likely to throw a few bumps at students every now and then. But when the times get tough, there are great resources on the University of Guelph campus to assist students with housing questions, wet-dry+, and conflicts with landlords or housemates.

Neighbourhood Relations, a department within Student Life and Counselling Services, provides services for University of Guelph students in a variety of subjects concerning off-campus living. With everything from sorting garbage to finding a place to live, we can help. The team is composed of Kathryn Hofer, the Neighbourhood Relations Coordinator, and 5 peer helpers. Kathryn works closely with neighbourhood residents, landlords, city councillors and city staff to ensure that students living in Guelph are doing so comfortably. The peer helper team is a support team that works to provide programs and services such as the Living Off Campus Resource Fair, Crime Stoppers, a website full of tenant and commuter resources, conflict resolution services, and off-campus housing workshops. Together these people can work with students to create a smooth(er) ride off campus in the Guelph community.

Students may even cross paths unexpectedly with a representative from Neighbourhood Relations this fall. During the month of September, Kathryn and the peer helpers will be visiting students in neighbourhoods off campus to provide information about Wet-Dry+, off-campus life, and what you have to think about when throwing a party. Neighbourhood Relations can also provide information about the City of Guelph and all of the good things that it has to offer. Whether you are looking for volunteer opportunities, parks and recreation areas, the farmer’s market or even city contacts, we can guide you in the right direction.

We are located on the 3rd floor of the University Centre (ask for us at the Connection Desk down from Registrarial/Financial Services), and can be reached by phone at ext. 56276 or email at . And check out our website at www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca/neighbourhood with tips on how to meet your neighbours.

During the coming year, Neighbourhood Relations will be writing a series of articles about student life off campus, and community perspectives and perceptions on student issues. We hope you enjoy the read.

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