Lindi Ortega and her little red boots are coming to Guelph

Monday, June 6, 2011

  • Lindi Ortega will take the stage in Guelph next week

    Lindi Ortega will take the stage in Guelph next week

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Little red boots, a big heart, and an even bigger voice.

This is the quintessential description of the young and vivacious singer and song-writer Lindi Ortega.

On June 7th, Lindi released her full length album “Little Red Boots” under Last Gang Records. The album has a little something for everyone. Cute, fun, heartfelt, and unremarkably creative. Ortega is certainly one of Canada’s unpicked gems.

As a young girl, Lindi knew she would be on stage someday. “My dad was a bass player in a Latino band when I was growing up,” Lindi explained when asked where the root of her musical passions bloomed. “I was mesmerized by seeing them on stage and I started aiming to be on stage one day.”

When hearing and watching Lindi perform, it is quite evident that she has found her niche in the spotlight. Not only does she enjoy performing for a crowd, she also wants everyone to join her in the fun.

Ortega now seeks inspiration for her lyrics in many personal experiences. Lindi claims that though some of her songs provoke messages that are “lonely and dark, there is always a silver lining.” In a quest to tell of her experiences and “show people that I relate to the human condition,” Lindi’s goal is not to dwell in the pain of heartbreak and hang-ups, but instead to seek optimism in each unfortunate experience.

Though many songs in “Little Red Boots” deal with heartbreak and loss, Lindi has a unique and creative angle to dealing with such common issues. She suggests that her songs are “very tongue in cheek, it’s about being able to laugh at melodrama of the heartbreak.”

This album is a breath of fresh air. Each song is filled with love and loss, country and rock, but most importantly, are upbeat and fun.

With the release of “Little Red Boots”, Lindi Ortega is optimistic and excited for fans to experience her album and to come out to hear her and have a good time.

“I am so excited to finally put out a full length record through a label. This is my first opportunity to have support and I am thrilled to reach more people because of that.” Lindi describes the album as “lots of fun songs that are not one big long one, but instead all of the songs stand out.”

Following the release of her newest album, Ortega has quite a busy tour scheduled.

I asked Ortega which venue she was most looking forward to performing at, but she was unable to pinpoint one stop in particular. “I am looking forward to all of it. I can’t wait to be playing again. I am happy to see everyone, meet everyone, and play for as many people as possible.”
In a world that relies so heavily on social networking, Ortega is urging people to check out her facebook and twitter page. Based on her friendly and outgoing personality, it isn’t surprising that she is happy to respond to anyone’s comments.

The Guelph community is fortunate to have this upcoming star playing downtown at Jimmy Jazz on June 16th at 8:00pm.

“Dancing, hoot and hollering,” was Lindi’s response when asked what Guelph folks can expect during her stop here next week. “Wear your cowboy gear! I’m inviting everyone to come out and I would love if everyone dressed up for my shows.”


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