Loose Cannon: CSA Election endorsements: take 'em or leave 'em

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

  • A talented and enthusiastic of candidates group is running to represent the CSA this year

    A talented and enthusiastic of candidates group is running to represent the CSA this year

Written by Greg Beneteau

Updated to include Human Resources and Operations Commissioner

As I've stated in the past, I love endorsements. They encourage debate and dialogue, inject a sense of excitement into elections and (I hope) give a boost to the best candidates.

I've had a chance to meet most of the candidates running in this year's Central Student Association Elections, and to learn about their platforms through interviews and questionnaires posted on thecannon. Students should take heart that a talented and enthusiastic group of candidates is running to represent you this year.

The races for Academic and University Affairs and External Affairs are particularly crowded, which makes it even more important for voters to pay attention to candidates' platforms and qualifications.

Below are my endorsements for executive positions on the CSA Board. Voters will have an up-or-down choice to acclaim the candidate running for Human Resources and Operations Commissioner.

Acclaim Joshua Ofori-Darko for Human Resources and Operations Commissioner: No

I couldn't include this section in The Ontarion's version of my column due to space constraints. Truth be told, I also struggled with this choice far more than any of the other races.

Voting against an uncontested candidate is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Essentially, it means that you think the CSA should try to find someone else for the job, which is what will happen if voters reject Joshua Ofori-Darko for the HR&O portfolio.

Having followed Ofori-Darko's campaign, I must conclude that the candidate has some serious flaws that will make it difficult for him to perform his job as HR&O commissioner. First and foremost is his ability to communicate, a skill that Oforio-Darko himself said was important for a manager to have.

Both my videographer (who shot the footage) and I agreed that Ofori-Darko's video interview was a disaster. It took 25 tortured minutes for him to record 5 minutes worth of usable footage, and he struggled to answer basic questions about his candidacy.

If it was just a case of camera shyness, it wouldn't be so bad. But Ofori-Darko was hampered by the fact that he didn't have any notes to consult. Being unprepared is a definite red-flag for any candidate running for an executive position.

I've consistently seen that Ofori-Darko, though exceedingly friendly and experienced in matters of finances, lacks confidence and assertiveness. These traits are vital to performing the Human Resources section of his portfolio - dealing with office conflict, evaluating staff and motivating employees to excel in the workplace.

Voters may choose to elect Ofori-Darko anyways, believing that he'll be able to learn these skills on the job. They may be right, but there may also be a more qualified candidate waiting in the wings if the position is re-opened in the fall. (And before anyone questions my motivations: No, I'm not running).

Communications and Corporate Affairs: Lauren Ramsay

No matter who prevails, a skilled representative is taking charge of the communications portfolio next year. Both Ramsay and Yonae Rolle are enthusiastic and well-spoken candidates who have taken on leadership positions - Rolle as Co-President of the Munford Centre and Ramsay as a programmer with Orientation Week and Peer Helper.  

As an organizer of O-Week events, however, Lauren Ramsay has the added experience of networking directly with CSA staff and university administrators, in addition to being an advisor to groups planning Orientation programming. She seems more familiar with CSA policies and has concrete goals which voters should encourage her to pursue.

Local Affairs: Derek Alton

"I’m not handsome, I’m not popular, so TRUST ME, I have time for student government," wrote David Nguyen as part of his answers to thecannon's candidate questionnaire. And yet, Nguyen was one of only two executive candidates who took more than a week to respond to the call-out for video interviews (the other was Executive Affairs candidate Ali Zaki, who never replied at all).

Despite his obvious skills and experience working for the CSA, Nguyen's written answers (also late) lacked the kind of seriousness you would expect from someone who wants to take on a paid position in student government.

Derek Alton has time for student government - he's been a CSA Board member, a student senator and founder of the campus chapter of Bracelet of Hope,  a Guelph-based national campaign. He takes his responsibilities seriously, while not taking himself too seriously. He will make a fine Local Affairs Commissioner.

Academic and University Affairs: Drew Garvie

You may not agree with his politics, but Drew Garvie should be given credit for mounting a serious campaign around serious issues. Garvie is a well-known activist and organizer who has served on the boards of the CSA, OPIRG and the University Centre. His campaign promises, though ambitious, demonstrate an awareness of the issues facing students.

Jessica Carter has tons of organizing experience with Orientation Week and as an elected representative on the CSAHS Student Alliance, but she seems to know little about the CSA and has only a vague platform. Benjamin Bond, though enthusiastic, offers few qualifications other than being a U of G student. That leaves Ali Zaki, who despite being a long-time student senator is a virtual spectre who seems to run for positions like the Board of Governors without attempting much outreach. At least this time around he provided written answers about his candidacy, but it's too little, too late for most students.

External Affairs: Demetria Jackson

It's rare that a current commissioner at the CSA runs for a second term. It's even rarer that a current commissioner runs for a second term in a different position.

Demetria Jackson, the current Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner, bucked the trend by running for External Affairs this year, and I think she should be given the opportunity to serve students again. As a commissioner, Jackson handled her portfolio well and avoided some of the more controversial slip-ups of her peers on the Executive Committee. More importantly, she managed to strike a balance on the board between those who see the CSA as an activist union and those who see it as a non-partisan provider of student services.

Martin Straathof, who already serves on the University Senate and the Board of Governors, is a well-meaning and experienced candidate. However, I can't help but notice he sounds much the same no matter what position he's running for, and I question whether his many commitments will interfere with his duties as a commissioner. Shaun Karey-Mckenna, who calls himself an "outsider" candidate and has promised to change the way the CSA operates, has some good ideas, but at the end of the day he only has one vote on the board. With his combative attitude, I question whether he will be able to convince others to support his plans.

You're welcome to agree, disagree or ignore my opinions entirely. But don't forget to engage in these elections and vote, March 14-18.

Correction: The Loose Cannon published in the March 11 issue of The Ontarion stated that David Nguyen  did not respond to requests for a video interview. In fact, Nguyen's response was a week late. Thecannon regrets the error

Greg Beneteau is Editor-in-Chief of thecannon. Loose Cannon publishes every Thursday in The Ontarion Student Newspaper at the University of Guelph.

The opinions posted on thecannon.ca reflect those of their author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Central Student Association and the Guelph Campus Co-op. We encourage all students to submit opinion pieces, including ones that run contrary to the opinion piece in question

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  1. Posted by: GavinA on Mar 10, 2011 @ 12:32am

    Hi Greg, for the first time in ages I have to disagree with you.

    Communications/Corporate Affair: I don’t understand how you could support someone who does not understand the services offered by the CSA and doesn’t have the experience to understand the portfolio. If elected, Yonae would be on the supervising committee of thecannon.ca, yet when she was interviewed by thecannon.ca she posted it on her facebook as an interview with The Ontarion. I think the first thing to learn when running to be the spokesperson for the CSA is what services you would be promoting. I also asked her what she would do to get quorum at the next AGM, and her response was not to make them 5+ hours. I think if she ever attended an AGM would realize they have never, ever been that long. She doesn’t understand the portfolio, she doesn’t understand the CSA, and as far as I can tell she does not understand the simple campaigning rules as she continues to violate them.

    In Contrast, Lauren is an incredibly engaged student who was not only a part of the CSA, but actually brought reason into the bottled water debate which helped it become ban from the Bullring. Her knowledge of O week would greatly increase the CSAs presence from day 1. She would be an absolute asset to the organization.

    I do agree with you about Local.. it will be a tough call indeed.

    University and Academic Affairs. Drew Garvie has no experience with any of the committees or experiences essential to this portfolio such as Senate, Program Committees, Board of Undergraduate Studies and SSC. Also demonstrated by his past actions at the CSA board, he is not interested in consulting with students on important issues. In Fact his past campaigns, such as the one for the member of the Canadian Communist Party, have been destructive, not constructive. How can this history predicate positive student relations and representation?

    Ben wants to focus on Senate issues such as the Secondary Areas of Study and CSA issues like GSAP. Although a report for Secondary Issues of Study has already been released his goals for GSAP are very ambitious. Jess has an incredible track record and would work amazingly to unite the various student groups to have one strong voice.

  2. Posted by: GavinA on Mar 10, 2011 @ 12:33am

    Greg.. That fact that you have endorsed Demetria for External Affairs, who is incapable of performing her current role, for a new portfolio is incredulous and unbelievable. Demetria has demonstrated that she cannot complete any of the goals she set for herself (Podcast, AGM attendance, candidate turnout) and does not understand the definition of conflict of interest (she actually supervised the election she is running in). It would be a travesty to appoint her to another portfolio when she failed so badly at her own. She would only waste an additional $30,000 salary…again. It is time to have an External Commissioner who understands the students and is engaged with the internal governance issues, and is prepared to interact positively with local, provincial and federal politicians. The other candidates have outlined a commitment to do this. Why would you endorse a candidate who is clearly incapable when there are others who have demonstrated potential? I know that Demetria (according to facebook) feels she is being targeted as the only female in her category, and I would encourage you to read the multiple letters from outraged female student leaders who disagree and with this accusation and are outright offended. At some point she must own up to her mistakes and realize she has wronged students on this campus.

    You also failed to mention the Human Resources and Operations Commissioner. I know that Josh Ofori-Darko is the only candidate, but that does not mean that he is the only choice. I woule encourage readers to check out his statement, beause student voters will have the ability to vote No for this candidate. If he were not to be elected, the CSA Executive Committee and Board would have to decide whether to hire a commissioner or hold a bi-election next fall. So do not feel obligated to vote because he is the only candidate.

    Fundamentally, after a year of criticizing the current CSA Executive for their ineptitude and inability to represent students I am stunned that you would chose to endorse candidates who, at best, might continue the appalling tradition of the current CSA…even though it is clear that there are candidates who have the experience and ability to represent students and their views much more effectively.

    To the other readers, I urge you to stay informed about the candidates and vote on an informed basis. This is an incredibly important election and the Executive combined salary is over $100,000 of student money. Ask all your questions and make sure you know who you are voting for.. because the power really is in the inbox of every under

  3. Posted by: wmack on Mar 10, 2011 @ 8:01am

    Greg, having followed your writing and applauded your critics and opinions of the CSA throughout the last 4 years, I am seriously disappointed by your endorsement of Demetria Jackson for External Commissioner.

    I laughed out loud when you called Denise Martin a "Sleeping Beauty" because you were bold enough to call it like it is - she had NOT been doing her job.

    Now to see that you do not hold the same standard for Jackson makes me worrisome for you as a journalist.

    Jackson has NOT delivered this year. She is a lovely individual and she has a lot of ideas but her ideas are hollow and meaningless when she cannot deliver on them.

    "Jackson handled her portfolio well?" I cannot for a second support that statement. As the Communications Commissioner her role to advertise and do outreach for the CSA. That being said what campaigns and events have Jackson successfully completed which has reached out to more than 1% or event 0.5% of the population?

    She did not meet quorum at the AGM.

    She ran a last minute "Rethink Campaign" with a mishmash of 19 or so events run by mostly untrained, and uncertified volunteer presenters (with no screening process to see if presenters are actually qualified to present on topics as sensitive as "Support for Survivors [of sexual assault]). I am not a survivor of sexual assault but I do not believe just ANYONE could provide such a workshop especially someone who is NOT FORMALLY EDUCATED IN IT OR CERTIFIED. It is simply unmoral to play the role of a counsellor if you are not certified and trained as one and the same principle would apply to providing support for survivors of sexual assault - it's not a task that should be assigned to under-qualified students.

    The "Rethink Campaign" was last minute, poorly organized, and not well attended ( I doubt even 500 students came out to the workshops which were advertised during the last week of exams and ran during the first week back from winter break). It campaign failed so badly because Jackson of all peopled failed to do the ONE thing she has told others she would do - communicate with students to make sure she represents their concerns - she did not consult CSA services, CSA clubs, and on/off campus services - let alone students in general - about this campaign before running it. She sent out an email to ask for volunteer presenters but not once did she reach out and ask other services to collaborate to the construction of the campaign- she just did her own thing because she thought she knew it all and watched how that turned out. The campaign was such a failure, I was surprised she had the confidence to run again...

    She held a CSA Week without communicating such a week to the CSA services and clubs... to witness this was just plain awkward - a simple email to the services about such a week would have sufficed but even that slipped her mind.

  4. Posted by: wmack on Mar 10, 2011 @ 8:02am

    Greg - do yourself a favour and defend your integrity by supporting your endorsement for Jackson with actual results and actions that Jackson has accomplished this year instead of vague statements about her handling her portfolio well.

  5. Posted by: Theo on Mar 10, 2011 @ 9:22am

    I would simply like to comment on the statement made in the regard of Martin Straathof sounding the same no matter what position he runs for. It is ironic that this statement was made since most of the questions posted to the CSA Commissioners were so similar to that of the Board of Governors that the questions sheet distributed to the candidates even stated at the top "Interview questions – Board of Governor Nominees". If answers regarding different issues I would be happy to answer different questions - I think that my continuity exemplifies how I am focused on the issues that matter to students and I set clear goals to be accomplished in the next year at External Affairs Commissioner. It is unfortunate that this statement was ever made since it does not reflect the quality, skills and efforts that I have put forth on this campus to advocate for students rights.
    Secondly I would like to make an additional comment to the question of "whether his many commitments will interfere with his duties as a commissioner". I think this is an excellent question to pose to any candidate (even those who are planning on being students next year). All I can do to convince the voters of my ability is to look at my track record of being involved as CSA Board Rep, CSAHS Student Alliance President and BA student senator all while being a full time student. I proven my performance is not shaken when tasked with multiple roles. Next year I am confident that I will handle with certain ease the responsibilities of being a full-time commissioner of the CSA and my other involvements. As always I encourage people to check out my facebook page "Martin Straathof for External Affairs Commissioner" and post any questions they would like to have answered.

  6. Posted by: Josh L-J on Mar 10, 2011 @ 4:22pm

    After reading this all I will simply address is support for candidates I've publicly endorsed via facebook.

    Local Affairs - Derek A: Derek is the ideal guy for this role. As it was stated via this article Derek has the time to be a student leader, and seldom does a half fast effort with any task he takes on. I've had the privilege of working with him in the past and after understanding the requirements of this portfolio, Derek will not fail to deliver.

    HR&O - Josh O-D: I first met Josh after sitting with him on the CSA Board for S10.In my short time as a Board member Josh is a pleasure to know. As the current President of CJ Muntford, and given the intensive level of experience he has in the CSA already through a variety of CSA committees, Josh is well equipped for this role.

    Comm & Corp Affairs - Lauren R: Over the years, Lauren and I have run into one another on several occasions, and her ability to lead is infectious. Lauren can PUMP up any crowd with her enthusiasm, and her commitment to the students f this campus starts before they even step foot on this campus as an Orientation Facilitator for 2 years, not to mention the numerous other roles she has served.

    External Affairs - Martin S: Simply put Martin has done it all, College Government President, Senate, CSA, you name it, he's done it. I understand there is criticism that he won't have the time for External, but that's a lie, he's got the same amount of time as anyone else, he just chooses to allocate it effectively. Martin is the longest running student leader I know personally of all the CSA candidates,and I'm excited to see him get this role.

    Academic and University Affairs - Jess Carter: Of all the candidates I know Jess, is the only student leader running for the CSA that I've never met. However, this year she has received my endorsement due to the fact I've heard nothing but positive things about her in my role as a student leader on campus. This portfolio is one I watch very closely as the former Commissioner in this role suggested I run for this position, to which I declined on personal grounds. As a Senator for soon to be three terms, I look forward to working with Jess should she have the privilege to receive this role.

    So there you have it, my endorsements for the year. I encourage everyone to go out and form their own opinion but most importantly. VOTE!!!

  7. Posted by: on Mar 10, 2011 @ 10:35pm

    I am very concerned about some of the comments made by students. It makes me worry that we as students are not aware of the real importance of the elections. It is important to give an un-bias opinion of students, so people can make an informed decision. The reality is that a lot of students funds go towards the CSA positions, and attacking students personally is not going to help other students make an informed decision.

    I would not want to be affiliated or vote for anyone endorsed by Gavin because his personal attacks speaks to his character, and character is reflected in one's decision making, so I now wonder about the candidates he is endorsing and if they are like minded.

    I thought all candidates had students best interest at heart. I think all the candidates are great and passionate, but now I really question if all candidates are for the students. It is really shallow and child like to attack others. Comments made such as "she failed so badly at her own" and "clearly incapable" with no solid example to back it up is not called for. Also taking something off of someone's personal facebook to use it against them... I do not think you can act more shallow than that.

    Additionally, you do not have to support one candidate by bashing another, Josh was able to do this, maybe Gavin and Wmack should follow his example.

    Please everyone get to know the candidate read about their platform and refrain from basing your decisions on the above arguments that are bias and sounds like it was based on un-educated assumptions.

  8. Posted by: on Mar 11, 2011 @ 8:59am

    @Truth2 - Hiding behind invented handles is not the way to make a point. At least Gavin believes in what he's saying and attached his name to his comments. And what part of his statement isn't supported with example? He and wmack both made arguments with supporting evidence. Not broad generalizations and redundant statements. And like the article stated, these are opinions and are meant to cause debate.

    If anybody wants to contest the comments made by Gavin or wmack, they have every right to, but I fail to see how they can. I agree with their points about Demetria not being at all the best candidate for External Affiars. She can't handle basic communication in her current role. She's done a horrible job keeping open lines of communication from the CSA, events always seem poorly advertised, and numerous emails have gone completely unanswered.

    Martin would be a far better candidate for this position. I've worked with Martin as a student leader and he has always been dedicated and effective to each role he takes on. He will be an excellent External Affairs Commissioner.

    @GavinA I realize the article was edited since you've posted, so I apologize if my pointing out that the article does endorse Lauren Ramsay as Communications is due to that revision. However, I agree, she is the best candidate for this position given her years of experience on campus and here excellent communicative skills.

    As for Garvie as Local Affairs, I can't see him as an effective candidate to represent the voice of students. He is extremely politically biased based on his track record with the communist party. And his involvement in OPIRG turns me away even more given the biases I've seen from OPIRG in the last few years.

    For anybody to accurately represent students on campus they have to remember that not all students are left leaning voters and there is a large group of right, and right of centre minded students.

    "Please everyone get to know the candidate read about their platform and refrain from basing your decisions on the above arguments that are bias and sounds like it was based on un-educated assumptions."

    There's no reason why students shouldn't consider the concerns listed above. These are the concerns of student leaders who actually get involved on this campus and are likely already more informed than the average student. The kind of students that notice when other student leaders aren't fulfilling their duties or recognize a good candidate when they see one.

    If you're going to call the arguments "un-educated assumptions" at least back them up with some substance.

    Elections aren't supposed to be won by the candidates platforms. They are about the details that exposed when a candidate runs that proves they aren't right fro the job.

  9. Posted by: B A on Mar 11, 2011 @ 5:48pm

    Dear Gavin A,

    I am surprised that as a masters student you have enough time to put this much effort into defacing the character of candidates of an election that has nothing to do with you. I am certain that your efforts in attempting to force peoples votes would be better suited in the GSA. I recognize that you partner is running against Demetria Jackson and as such, you exhibit a heavy and obvious bias in all of your comments. I also recognize that you have a circle of friends who are all running in the election and want desperately to all be involved in the CSA, however it does not excuse your behaviour. Your collective actions have made this election hostile and unpleasant for the campaigners as well as the voters.

    Furthermore, I would like to add that accessing Yonae Rolle’s facebook page and quoting a mistype in an attempt to devalue her qualifications is loathsome. After reading all of the attacks in your comments, the only thing that I noticed you left out is that the people you are bashing are all running against one of friends, excluding Joshua who is a friend of Demetria’s (who we all know you have a personal vendetta against).

    Although the campaign has ended I want you to know that your inappropriate actions will not go unnoticed by the student body. I truly hope that students who vote in this election vote based on their own opinion of the candidates rather than slander made by you and your friends.

    At this point it is truly sad to see behaviour you would expect among children, carry over into a profession academic environment, especially from someone who is a graduate student.

  10. Posted by: GavinA on Mar 11, 2011 @ 8:39pm

    Thanks B A. I don't t hink I actually did misquote a candidate unless their statements changed after I posted. If I did I do apologize. My comments are opinion and readers should take them as that. I did want to point out I am currrently an UNDERGRADUATE student, and thus I feel my current student fees have been wasted on Demetrias currently salary. My concern is that she would waste another generation of student fees on an additional $30,000 salary (benefits included). If voters don't agree with me I am sure they will vote accordingly. I do implore students to read about the candidates before they vote, and especially look into Demetrias track record from the past year to see if it reflects what they want to see again.

    This is my opinion, and anyone is welcome to disagree with it

  11. Posted by: wmack on Mar 11, 2011 @ 9:40pm

    @Truth 2

    Please speak with Jackson to ask her if any of the claims I made are false?

    1. Did she meet quorum at the AGM? - NO

    2. Did she hold a meeting or had a call out to CSA service and clubs about organizing (not just volunteering) for the "Rethink Campaign" - NO

    3. Was there a screening process for presenters to run the 19 or so human rights workshops that was held during the "Rethink Campaign?" - NO

    4. Did she allow an untrained/uncertified individual to provide a workshop on "Support for Survivors" - YES - and if you donot agree with this point - please take this question to counseling services on the 3rd floor of the UC to ask whether an untrained/uncertified individual should be speaking about how to provide support for survivors of sexual assault and if taking such action could cause more harm than good.

    5. Did more than 500 students come out to all of the "Rethink Campaign" workshops? Better yet, ask her how many student DID come out to the poorly advertised workshops.

    6. Did she hold a CSA week without sending email notification or any sort of communication to CSA services and CSA clubs about such week? - NO

    Please note Truth 2 that these are not personal attacks as I am not attacking Jackson's personality but rather I am holding her accountable as an elected representative of the undergraduate student body.

    As a student at the University of Guelph, I feel my critiques of Jackson as a publicly elected student politician are fair and appropriate. If Jackson wanted my voice heard and empowered - here it is and hopefully she can learn from this and understand that if she wants to represent the student body she needs to talk to the student body and DELIVER on her promises or even simply just do her job.

    Last, I am curious to know what you have seen Jackson accomplish this year and please speak in terms of measurable results and not simply ideology. If you could provide me with an convincing list of accomplishments than I will consider her as a candidate but if even you cannot do that for me, you should put your money where your mouth is at and vote for a candidate NOT BASED on UN-EDUCATED ASSUMPTIONS.

    Go ahead Truth 2 - hit me with your best shot.

  12. Posted by: wmack on Mar 11, 2011 @ 9:44pm

    ** my mistake number 6 should read:

    6. Did she hold a CSA week without sending email notification or any sort of communication to CSA services and CSA clubs about such week? - YES (instead of No, because she did do such a thing)

    Thank you.

  13. Posted by: on Mar 11, 2011 @ 10:41pm

    Wow, I had no idea Demetria was doing such a terrible job in her role this year. You know why I had no idea? Because it hasn't been my experience at all. Perhaps all the people complaining about the fact that her office has not been particularly accessible to them are those who have grown accustomed to the CSA pandering to people like them, and feel a little shut out because they're no longer getting more attention than they deserve. Personally, for the first time in my academic career, I feel connected to the Communications & Corporate Affairs office.

    As far as Greg goes, having known him personally and worked with him professionally, I would actually find him moderate to a fault most times. The last thing you can say about Greg is that he didn't do his research and put consideration into his decision to endorse any particular candidate.

  14. Posted by: wmack on Mar 12, 2011 @ 8:43am

    No one is answer my questions. Or defending Jackson against the statements I made about her poor performance.

    Please detail how Jackson has done a good job and please "do your research" and present the evidence.

    You cannot argue that she has done a good job by saying you have had a good experience with her - what does that mean? What experience? How was it good? Where is the evidence, where are the results, what did she deliver to the WHOLE of the student body?

    If your statement "Personally, for the first time in my academic career, I feel connected to the Communications & Corporate Affairs office", holds value than as another undergraduate student my statement that "I have never felt so disconnected and embarrassed at the poor performance of a high paying Communication & Corporate Affairs Commissioner" should hold the same value. The only difference is I have evidence to back my point- you don't. On an essay you would fail.

    As for Greg, he has yet to present the same evidence.

    Please defend her against my allegations with hard facts and figures.

    The truth is you can't do it. If you could you would have done it already.

    Seriously - if you think she is was such a great commissioner tell me HOW and WHY and tell me WHAT EXACTLY Jackson has accomplished for the student body.

    If you can't do that, stop lying to yourself about how great of a commissioner she was this year.

    Last, Jackson's personality or who she is as a person has nothing to do with this. My critiques of her are about her role as a publicly elected figure. So she may be nice but that has no bearing on her poor performance as the Communications Commissioner this year.


    if you can't do it - realized that you need to base your vote on her past performance not her personality. This is a job, you don't just pay people to be nice.

  15. Posted by: on Mar 12, 2011 @ 2:04pm

    @Wmack..It took me so long to respond to your comment because I was debating whether it was worth wasting my time. First of all, I was referring to Gavin when I made the comment about personal attacks, however I added you because you seem to specifically question only Demetria's capabilities: you address mainly 2 points to argue that Demetria is incapable 1) meeting quorum 2) rethink campaign

    When in fact for the past 3 years no one met quorum, did your friend Gavin (assuming he is your friend) told you that he was also a Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner and 1) he did not meet quorum, 2) he went over budget consistently, so he had to go to the finance commitee to bail him out for his over spent budget, 3) he wasted student money on un-ethical t-shirts, 4) he spend students' money on vacation, 5) he never connected with special status groups. In my opinion we wasted our 30, 000 dollars on him not Demetria because she did the opposite.

    Its funny that there is over 20 board members who are suppose to be the supervisors of the executive commitee and they have failed to provide any of this feedback to Demetria throughout the year regarding her job performance this information highlights how poor the internal structure within the CSA prove to be regarding the flow of communication, if these were problems that members of the board faced why weren't these complaints bought up during Demetria's term.

    Regarding the rethink campaign: have any one else thought about the creative idea to counter oppression? No In my opinion Demetria bought awareness that no one else previously did even though hate crimes occurred in the past. She saw a problem and she addressed it, she do not just talk she act. In my opinion just the idea is a success, however success and failure is very subjective that is why we differ on whether it was a success or failure.

    Also, not because someone is qualified means that they can relate or attest to
    a pro-survivor. Anti-oppression training was provided for all the facilitators, and maybe this campaign would have reach more people if students like yourself was more supportive instead of bashing someone's idea to encourage change.

    P.S I am not going to respond to any other comments because this is a waste of my time you DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  16. Posted by: GavinA on Mar 12, 2011 @ 5:05pm

    well I guess I got sucked back in for one more comment. Truth2 your comments about me last year are actually very incorrect (except the quorum one) so thank you for discrediting your own statements. I look forward to seeing how students paid for my vacation, or anytime I went to the finance committee for a bail out.

    As Wmack has said, back it up with proof or stop spreading false, malicious statements.

  17. Posted by: GavinA on Mar 12, 2011 @ 5:17pm

    also I dont know who Wmack is but with all the stuff happening on campus now I doubt he would want to be my friend. :(

  18. Posted by: wmack on Mar 13, 2011 @ 10:38am

    Truth 2, you are hilarious.

    So ideas are enough eh? If ideas are enough you WOULD NOT BE CRITICIZING MR. ARMSTRONG cause that man had ideas and he pursued them and in your opinion he failed. So surely his ideas were not enough and Jackson's were not either.

    Furthermore, my attacks about her workshops was on the fact that she promotes ideas of "COLLABORATION" and did not follow through. She did not contact even Woman in Crisis to try to get PROFESSIONALS to run an event on sexual assault. Nor did she contact the Human Rights and Equity Office to run workshops on hate crimes or racism. HOW IS THAT COLLABORATION?

    What about inclusivity? running 3 workshops on White Privilege is INCLUSIVITY? What about Privilege in general, wouldn't students like to learn about how they as students may be privilege without bringing in the colour of their skin? Is Jackson Privileged? Are you Privileged? Am I Privileged? Yes, we sit behind our computers and we spit words and ideas, but those ideas are useless if they are not effective. She had a good idea but did not invest the time to properly advertise and collaborate so her campaign failed.

    This contributes to a general trend of BAD COMMUNICATION from Jackson - as I attack her lack of communication about a CSA week. Just because past commissioners may have done a bad job does not mean you hold Jackson to their standards- if you do that the CSA will just continue to degrade.

    I've done my research, and do not tell me you would feel comfortable having a student that is not formally trained or educated to provide support for survivors -to tell you how to deal with sexual assault. Pre-med student are not allowed to practice on people, the same principle should hold for students who are not trained to deal with as serious of an issue as sexual assault. And for your information Anti-oppression training is not enough. If that is the case every single employee at the CSA can run around running workshops they are not qualified for - and that would be a disaster.

    You also contradicted yourself when you told Gavin that "you do not have to support one candidate by bashing another," well you shouldn't put Gavin down to make Jackson look good.

    I assume you won't be replying cause it is unfortunate that you did the exact same thing you criticized Gavin for - it's a shame when you do something you said you wouldn't. Now tell the opposite to Jackson so she CAN do what she says she would do and collaborate with others and be inclusive and fulfil her job as the Communication and Corporate Affairs Commissioner.

    If she is so unfortunate as to win this election, I hope she will see my critique of her as constructive and not write this off as "hating". It's not. She knows she did everything I said she did and if she wants to redeem herself she is going to need to get off her high horse and talk to the CSA services around her, the clubs and most importantly THE STUDENTS. Don't just send out emails - talk to them.

  19. Posted by: wmack on Mar 13, 2011 @ 10:53am

    P.S. Truth 2 - you still have yet to tell me anything she HAS ACCOMPLISHED this year....

  20. Posted by: wmack on Mar 13, 2011 @ 1:09pm

    I think this comment sums it all up for Jackson:

    Good Intentions are Not Enough.

  21. Posted by: guelphstud3nt on Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:09pm

    After reading many of these posts in an attempt to gain more insight on the elections, I'm saddened by what this election has turned into. You may be supporting a student leader, but you are going about it maliciously and this doesn't allow students like myself to gain much insight into CSA operations. I guarantee you that students have heard more about the controversy than we have heard reasons to vote for a particular candidate. In fact, I feel less likely to support the CSA, because it appears the campaigns have cliques that are supporting their campaign by attempting to destroy the integrity of another candidate. This is the kind of dirty politics that steers people away from wanting to be engaged an involved. There are students who don't even understand what the CSA does, and instead of reaching out to spread the word many of you are participating in petty arguments. If we've elected a leader, that person was selected for a reason. If that leader was not responsible to his/her requirments we can easily change this by voting them out at a later date. The way to inform students of someone's failure to fulfill their requirements can be done much more positively. These attacks appear personal, which doesn't allow students to judge accurately who is the best candidate. In choosing one candidate over the other, it does not automatically mean the other candidate is a horrible person.

    This sort of cattyness is unnecessary, it's quite petty and unprofessional.
    In fact, anyone participating in this type of strategy is someone I would not want as a leader. It takes some integrity to be a leader, and I am certain due to the strategies some people have resorted to they have lost support. I recently casted my vote, and I must say while some candidates were similar on what they sought to change, the hardest to choose was the choices between candidates that presented themselves well. For those who have endorsers with a loose tongue, well I did not choose to vote for that candidate. There is a way to be constructive without being nasty.

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